February 11, 2020


San Diego, Californua, United States


Remands Vehi Heather Hapairai

Scripture power!

Funny story...soo we were doing service at River park. They have this huge lake and surrounding are very steep hills. We were on a hill spreading mulch. We have to dodge the cacti and bushes everywhere. I was raking and I lost my balance and went head first into a good bush. My feet were sticking straight up and my rake fell with me. After the 20 other missionaries realized I was ok they all died laughing and took pictures. Meanwhile I'm stuck upside down in a bush. After a few minutes they helped me. It was pretty funny but man I looked dumb Haha. 
Man I LOVE being a missionary! Happiest job ever! This week was incredible and if I could like it 5 times over I would! It's funny because nothing actually crazy happened! But I feel spiritually I have grown so much this week. 
Wednesday night we went on a blitz in the Hermanas area and Sister Chidester who is in her first transfer and I went tracting. We knocked on maybe 40 apartments doors that night. We were getting literal door slamms...and people were just not the kindest. Until the last door! Uchdorf wasnt kidding when he says forth floor last door! Someone let us share a message and we got a return appointment! It's so fun to be with new missionaries. They are so excited about the work! That night we had young womens and we were in charge of the activity. We made Comfort copies amd shared our testimonies. I've done it in 3 wards now, and it's been so successful multiple wards have called asking us to come do it. In one ward after the activity a young 15 year old girl came up to me crying saying she doesnt want to go to church, but because of this she is going to try. I've stayed in contact with this girl and she now is thinking about serving a mission. I've grown to LOVE working with the young women and the youth. We have this event my comp and I planned called "Leap into your mission." Its on leap day (imagine that.) The youth from the stake will spend the morning at the mission home and then spend the day in the field. We are so excited about this and our whole stake has gotten involved! Judt from youth coming our with us we have had 2 who started going to seminary and 3 decide to serve missions. Pretty darn amazing! 
Friday we taught Katie and Ethan who are 11, and 15. They are progressing so well and are thinking about setting a date! We also taught an intire family of 4 yesturday The Ames family are so awesome! There good friends in our ward invited them to dinner with us and now they want to keep learning from us! We had a special night with them last night. 
Sunday as usual was my favorite day. The night before I was studying. I'm reading the book if mormon in 90 days, and I'm about done, and then I'm reading the New Testiment and D&C before I go home. It's a lot, but man...its amazing. I've never loved opening my scriptures more. I go from one book to the other and it's crazy the similarities in each of the books. Saturday night I had the most overwhelming feeling and I just KNOW this is all true. Man I love it! Anyways Sunday! We met with the most amazing families that day. All young families, and then dinner with the Harverys. Their little girls gave us hand drawn pictures and little tiaras made from paper. And last night we taught our 90 year old friend Bob. We had the coolest lesson with him, and the Littlefields came and joined. The spirit was so strong and he said he will think about being baptized! How cool!
Anyways it was a great week! Love my companion, and love my mission! I'm so happy because of the Gospel! It really does bring pure Joy, and I feel it! Open the scriptures, pray, go to church! Do the basics! It is what will bring you Joy! And there is nothing like the Joy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! 
I love you all so much 💙
Love always, Sister Babb 

1. Sukiyaki from our cute Japanese fam! LOVE IT! 2. Love my little Texan3. Weekly panda run4. Oops


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