January 28, 2020


San Diego, Californua, United States


Remands Vehi Heather Hapairai

Month 11???

Hello! SUCH A GOOD WEEK! I say that every week but really this week was so good! We had exchanges every day except pday, and Saturday, and Sunday! We wrte suppose to have them Saturday but I about had a mental breakdown from being in Spanish work for 3 days straight so we moved the day. 
Wednesday was awesome because GUESS WHAT! I got to be a batallion sister again for the day! Got the cute pioneer dress and gave tours at the batalion and it was so fun! After we went to Logan Heights down by the boarder which is...basically sketch town. Its gang central and apparently drug lords are roaming the streets. While driving through I experienced a couple cops tackle a man, and some fun alley dancers. We drove to our few houses and Hermana Lupercio walked behind me and we went straight from our door to the car. It was an experience Haha. 
The next day I was down in Barrio Bente which was fun! Lots of espanol said. Man it was so fun we did street contacting forever and talked to every person we saw. We didnt let one person pass without telling then who we were. We gave out lots of Books of Mormon! We even got bashed by a man who yelled at us for a hot second, that was fun. Then the best thing of my whole life happened. We had an appointment and oh my word.... this women had 4 giant Siberian Huskies and we walked them and I about cried. I was in HEAVEN. these dogs were massive and cute and fluffy and wow. Best hour ever. 
The test of the week was pretty normal. We planned at the mission office today for 8 hours snd I almost went crazy. But zone conference is this week so we got training every day which will be fun! And then more exchanges! Keeps us busy all the time but i love it!!! Our trainings this week our focused on the story after christ died and Peter and the other apostles go back to what they knew which was fishing. They see christ and Peter jumps out the boat, and Christ asks him if he loves him three times. He says yes every time, and says "Come, follow me. And feed my sheep." Christ asks him to leave his past behind, and his old ways and follow him and feed his sheep. Not just now, but forever. That is what we are trying to get across to our missionaries. When we choose to follow christ, we are casting our nets aside, when we go on missions we leave the boats and thr nets. Sometimes we go back to our nets because it's what is comfortable. But we cant! We have to choose christ, and follow him. And feed his sheep! Not just 18-24 months, not just a week. But forever! So we are challenging our missionaries to find their net. Whatever it may be, and cast it out. Whatever is hindering you from the work, or from feeling the spirit, or from going to church. Whatever is holding you back, give it up FOR HIM. follow him, choose him, NOW. I challenge you all to do the same. Find your net, and cast it out. Swim to christ and follow him. And dont look back. You will be so much happier and have so much joy! 
I love you all so much, and I hope you all have the most amazing week every! I love being a missionary more than anything! Times flying! 
Love always 
Sister Babb 

1. Celebrated Chinese New years at the mission office with authentic Pand2.Bobs car(a guy we are teaching that's 90!)3.Heaven on earth 💙4. Pioneer women 5. Puppy loves 


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