January 21, 2020


San Diego, Californua, United States


Remands Vehi Heather Hapairai

Woot woot I love being a missionary!

This week was so good! And it flew by! Also I can't believe I've been out 11 months...  it's gone by all too fast. This week was FULL of more planning, lots of trainings, and MIRACLES. 
Monday we had MLC and we gave a training and it went super well! We were stuck in the mission office the rest of the day which kinds stunk but it was necessary. Thursday we gave a training at the mormon batalion early in the morning with Sister Stubbs and then headed straight to Zone welcome to give another training! We had 2 exchanges this week and one was our 2 hour drive to the valley again with the Assistants to Hermana Cromwell and merrell. This was probably one of my favorite exchanges so far! I went with Hermana Merrell who is in her second transfer. I got to ride bikes for my first time in my mission which was so fun! We literally just road bikes and tracted all day. We knocked out an intire street of about 70 houses and saw so many miracles. We got many return appointments and she got to hand out a couple Books of Mormon. The coolest miracle happened around dinner. We went to Panda (YUMMMM) and I was first in line. I got my food and walked over to a table and put my stuff down. I was walking back and forth getting water and napkins and I noticed a man trying to read my nametag. I started talking to him and we started talking about God. I waved the sisters over and they exchanged info. He left and about 5 minutes later he texted asking to meet. We met him at our church and the sisters were able to give him a church tour. We ended in the chapel and right as we walked in, the spirit was so strong. They bore such powerful testimony, and Alejandro without them saying anything said he was going to prepare himself for church and read the Book of Mormon. It was so cool! The sisters haven't been teaching anyone so it was a really cool miracle for them. 
Saturday we gave...ANOTHER TRAINING! so fun! Woot woot! Luckily it's out last one for a week. Saturday was really good, we got to teach everyone we are teaching! Deb and clarence are doing good! They want to be baptized but medical stuff is getting in the way. Deb just finished radiation, and clarence is starting chemo and radiation. They both are going through so much, but they continue to have so much faith in Jesus Christ. Ethan and Katie who are 11 and 14 are awesome! They are progressing so much and come to everything! I'm excited to see where they go:) 
Sunday was another special one. Sundays will always be my favorite days here in the mission. Church was so good! Sister jones gave such a good talk about her journey of faith. Later in the day we had the first mission presidents devotional for the year. I sang with Elder Gray a song called Sweet Redeemer. Ahhh I love singing! I will never stop saying it's my favorite way to share my testimony because it is. This week will be another crazy one with 5 exchanges but I'm so excited to be with the sisters and see more miracles!!!
Also so excited for today! Its pday and at 6 president stubbs us making us and the Assistants dinner and we are planning for zone conference! FUNNNN! I LOVE THEM 💙
I have grown so much on my mission, and I know that Is because and through Jesus Christ. I've learned so much as I've studied and seeked the scriptures and prayed. This week we focused on seeking the scriptures rather then just reading them. My challenge for all of you is to seek them! Search them and ponder them. It will make such a difference in your study and in your life. I love you all so much. And in grateful for the support I have felt on my mission. 
Love always,Sister Babb 


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