January 7, 2020


San Diego, Californua, United States


Remands Vehi Heather Hapairai

Issss my burday week!!!!

YESSSSS birthday week! It had honestly been my favorite week of this transfer. So many miracles and special moments have happened. 
Last tuesday for a christmas present to our selves we went to the San Diego Zoo and it was AMAZING. I've never seen such a big zoo and the animals were adorable. I literally could stand and watch one animal all day. My companion had to drag me along to make sure we saw all the animals haha. It was amazing. That night we had to be in at 6 so we went to some sisters and played games until we got an emergency call and biking missionaries needed our car. Long story short they got our car and keys and we got dropped off at our apartment. When we got to the door we realized that the elders had our keys and were now 30 minutes away. Sooo we sat outside our apartment till 10 in the cold and waited for a senior missionary to come rescue us on new years eve. It was an exciting night for sure! We played cards on our porch while we waited :)
This week we planned for transfers which was super long...but super fun! We have a few meetings with president Stubbs and the assistants and we made our transfer doc! Super sad because Sister Aitchisen Is leaving me. But super excited because she is going to be with my cute trainee Sister Alofaki!!!!! Ahhh they will be so good together! And sister Jones who is a sweetheart who Is coming from my my old area in Ka Jolla will be my new comp and be SSTL with me! Excited to take it over and train her and train the new missionaries today and the rest of the week! It will be a fun week:)
Thursday we had our ward sports night we run and it was so fun! So many youth showed up and even brought their non member friends! We played volleyball and spike ball. I love the youth so much!!! The next day we had Aubrey and Jordan a couple youth come out with us for a few hours. It was so fun as we reacted out houses and we had 2 people let us in and we were able to share a message the kids prepared. It was so cool to hear the youths testimonies and see their excitement about missionary work! 
Sunday like always was the best day. Church was so good and we had 6 people come! A little girl named Ashley we are teaching came with her member mom for the first time. It was fast and testimony meeting and after a conversation she decided she wanted to go up with the agreement I would go up with her. So we did! We walked up and I held her hand as this innocent little 8 year old child who is teenie tiny bore her sweet testimony. The spirit was so strong that meeting and I felt so much love for that ward. The people here are incredible. I just love how many people I've gotten to meet and come close to though my mission. After We were able to take 3 more youth out! Crew, Tate and Haleigh Jenkins came out with us! We got permission to drive them. When we got in the car we had sister Aitchison put a bike helmet on and we started driving. The kids after a few minutes made a comment and we told then the passenger in the vehicle always has to wear a helmet for safety. After about 10 minutes of her looking ridiculous I couldnt handle it any more I broke out laughing. It was so funny. After we went tracting for about 3 hours. We knocked on soooo many doors, and had so many rejections. The kids loved it though! We were able to get a return appointment and give away a copy of the Book of Mormon. I actually have been marking one up and personalized it with tabs, and bore my testimony in it so when I gave it away we told them it was my personal copy and when we came back they can give it back and we will give them their own copy. We are trying the new tactic and hope that we get the return appointment as well as my book back! We had a member lesson with them as well and we let them do the entire lesson alone. These kids are 12, 15, and 17 and man...I was so impressed by their confidence and their testimonies. It was a really special day. 
Monday was transfer day eve. I made our district my favorite German pancakes with buttermilk syrup, and then we went to the mission office basically the remainder of the day for office work. BUT we went to Olive Garden with one of my favorite senior couples the Hickmans, our district leaders, the assistants, and the YSA sisters. They sang Happy Birthday to me and gave me a cute little cake. It was a very happy moment for me. I'm so so blessed with amazing people around me here. 
Excited for a new transfer! Crazy I've been out 11 months now! Gone by too fast. Also I’m so excited to train all the cutie new greenies this week! Also turning 20 tomorrow. Weird!!!!
Anyways have a good week, love you all. 
Love always, 
Sister Babb 

1. I love the zoo!2.sports night 
3.sister aitchison surprised me for my birthday with this cute sign and a SQUILLO! I'm obsessed:)4.transfer bored in action 
5.birthday dinner at olive garden 6.jenkins 7.enjoying my over priced zoo food:)


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