December 31, 2019


San Diego, Californua, United States


Remands Vehi Heather Hapairai

A Shepards Christmas

This was such a special week for me. Christmas was absolutely amazing, and the members made it so special for me and my companion. It all started with the caroling last week at star light circle. Theres something about music during christmas time, with lights surrounding, families gathering, children clapping along. Christmas eve was Pday and for dinner the Hogans invited us, the Assistants and the other YSA sisters over for dinner. We frosted cookies and had some fun for a while. The dad told me to turn the lights out right after we said the prayer for the food and I did, and I was so confused. He lit 3 candles on the table, and brought out bread bowls. He told us how as a young married couple they started this tradition Christmas eve to help their family be reminded of the humility of the shepherds the night before Jesus birth. We ate warm soup with bread bowls, grapes, and grape juice similar to what they may have eaten then, with only a little candle light to light the room. After we read from the scriptures about the Wiseman seeing the star, and then the birth of the savior. The spirit was so strong in that home that night. It was a really special experience. 
Christmas was amazing as well. A few members had us over for meals, and in between we dropped off flowers made by a recent convert (prettiest arrangements I've ever seen) and cookies for lonely members. We even stopped by Presidents house with the Assistants with flowers, cookies, and cider and sang a hymn. President cried and they fed us cold salmon and ginger beer. It was great:) I was so overwhelmed at the love the members gave to us. It was ahhhh SO GOOD. we've continued with the holidays a little longer as we have heart attacked doors and brought more treats for people. 
Sunday I got to sing in sacrament meeting one of my favorite christmas songs "Oh come oh come Emanuel." I had an arrangement and I gave it to my bishop who's a piano wizard who is a professor at one of the colleges here to play. He sent me an arrangement back in the same key. HE WROTE THE MOST AMAZING arrangement if the song I've ever heard. The piano was so pretty. I had a hard time even getting through the song the piano was so good. It was so fun to sing with him playing. 
Soooooooo Friday night we had exchanges with the batalion. 30 minutes before we had to leave sister Aitchison was looking at these pretty earrings we both got from a member and was sad because her ears weren't pierced. So I offered to do it. So we got an apple, iced her ears, burned a safety pin, and I needled her ears! It was great and they look so cute! 
Other than all that nothing much else going on. Just transfer planning this week with presidenf. so sad but President said my companion is leaving. It's been a bummer knowing the last few weeks, because we know its ending soon. I know who my next comp will be but I'll keep that one secret till next week:) but I'm staying! 
Anyways have the best week! Love you all! 
Love always, Sister Babb 
1. Wow2.peircing ears!3.amris flowers 4. Christmas eve pjs:) me some YSA sisters 6.we made swig cookies for the people!8. My favorite picture right now 


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