December 24, 2019


San Diego, Californua, United States


Remands Vehi Heather Hapairai

Charlie bit my finger....

Hello all! And Merry Christmas ☃️🎄❄
This week has been AMAZING! I was so worried about christmas on my mission, and for the first little while it didnt feel like christmas at all. But it has been the best couple weeks. Wednesday had exchanges and I was with Sister Smith and shes so awesome! Had a great day of finding and member visits. Thursday and Friday we had our Christmas Zone conferences. It was full of music and amazing trainings. I tot to sing Oh Holy Night:) The Trainings were so good and the focus was how we can prepare ourselves for April Conference. They extended a mission wide invite to start the book of mormon january 1st and finish it by conference. And I would like to invite all of you to do that as well, to help prepare yourself for April conference. Friday we had exchanges and Hermana Bunker came with me. We had the best day of visiting members and teaching lessons. Later in the day we went caroling at a place called Starlight Circle. I guess to live there you have to sign a contract saying you will deck your house out for halloween and christmas and you have to be ok with thousands of cars going through your neighborhood all season long. It was so cool! Every house was decked out and had cotton candy, or popcorn, or hot coco or something. It was way cool. Anyways we sang outside of a members house and they brought a piano out and it was so cool! We gave out about 500 pass along cards and pamphlets. 
Sunday was amazing! The Christmas sacrament meeting was so special and the music was amazing. Funny story three weeks prior pur bishop put us incharge of li ger longer for this Sunday, and classic Sister Babb forgot until the night before. We were on exchanges so I scrambled all the names I could think of and texted every person I could think of to bring a treat. The next morning i was stressed, but when we walked through the door of the gym thr ward came in clutch and all brought treats and it was just so good. Christmas miracle! After we had lunch with the Jenkins and they invited all their ministering people over and we ate and played games and really felt like christmas. I got teary eyes during our message because of the love I felt in that room. After we had 2 more amazing members invite us over before we went caroling again. While caroling a bunch of members came to support us and their kids even joined in singing. I have felt an overwhelming love from the people in this ward over the holidays and it has made it so much easier. I have been blessed for sure. 
Sunday night we exchanged AGAIN! I went up to poway which Is my favorite little town ever and exchanged with Sister Leavitt who is another temple square sister. She is amazing and we spent the day teaching lessons! They do this thing called Goat service at a members house. She owns about 80 goats that chill in her backyard. It was pouring rain and it was muddy and it stunk and I was stepping in wet goat poop. We had to go in each stall to feed them and corar the water from the tarps. The gosts love people and aren't scared to run against you so my clothes turned brown real quick from muddy goat loves. I was walking into the the baby stall when an elder warned me they like to suck on fingers. I walked in and petted the goats and a cute lil guy grabbed my finger and sucked. I thought it was cute for a sec until I was surrounded by gosts jumping on my trying to get my fingers. I turned around to go out snd Charlie a 3 months old goat out of no where bit my finger with his back teeth and he chomped so hard I had to grab his jaw to let me finger out. My finger started bleeding so bad. It hurt so bad but I couldnt help but laugh because his name was Charlie. Anyways my finger is ok, just hurts a lot but the nurse said I will survive!
Anyways so grateful for all of you and all of the love I've felt from you this holiday season. I've been pondering about Christmas and I love the videos He is the Gift and the christ child. HE IS THE GIFT! The greatest gift ever given. I am so grateful for him and his birth, life, and sacrifice. I challenge of you to give something back this year to him. Whether that is reading your scriptures more, or putting something on the altar that is holding you back. Whatever it may be. 
I love you all! Merry Christmas 🎄🎄🎄
Love always,Sister Babb 


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