December 17, 2019


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Christmas came in the form of the flu...

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Date: Tue, Dec 17, 2019, 10:04 AM
Subject: Christmas came in the form of the flu...
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Welp this week chrimmmas came early and gave me a big nice case of the influenza. Got it last pday and it had me down literally all week! I woke up Wednesday morning and I couldnt move I was so sick. Then about Saturday I got my poor companion sick. So we stayed in bed literally all week recovering. Aches, pains, fever, chills and all. It was quite the experience. We locked our selves in the bedroom and covered all the windows and slept most the time. The other time I colored a few coloring books, finished a puzzle, did some real good studies, and read THE ENTIRE BOOK of Saints. If you haven't read that amazing 600 pages of pure gold I reccomend you doing so. With a little will power you can sit down and read it in 3 days like I did! We also had a couple members at our door every day bringing us different medicines and food to help. We are blessed over here for sure. We also have about 6 containers of chicken noodle soup that should last us till I go home so were set:) one lady Sister Jenkins knocked on our door with her son with a mask and rubber gloves, with a crockpot of soup. She came in with like 10 different herbs to help us and different medication and filled up a few gallons of soup for us. Haha gotta love her. 
It wasnt the best week obviously, some days I wished I could go out but the flu is around the whole mission and if you got a fever you have to stay in. We got a lot of online pros and inside work done which was good. I think the best part of the week was that I got to finally read Saints. I've always had a testimony of Jospeh Smith and the Restorstion..but reading this and hearing the stories of the people, what they went through, and the experiences they had, there is no way I could ever deny it. The feelings I had while reading made it so clear what I was reading was true. At one point I even started tearing up while reading out loud to my companion, and I looked over and she was balling. Cute moment haha. It truely is such a testimony that the Church is true and of Joseph Smith is a prophet of God! I just love that I get to testify of that every single day on my mission. Even when I am sick. I seriously love this Gospel so much, and I'm so grateful for the testimony I have gained while being on my mission. 
Anyways im better now and ready for 3 more exchanges and 2 Christmas Zone conferences that I get to sing at this week! Wahoo for Christmas! Busy week, but going to be amazing! So grateful to be able to Serve around the holidays too! Such a special spirit here around the holidays. Hope you all take a moment to reflect that reason we celebrate this holiday season. I truely am so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and His birth, his life, his sacrifice, and his resurrection. Truely a cause to celebrate. Such a tender gift our Heavenly Father had given us. I love you all so much! Happy Holidays 💙💙💙
Have the best week! 
Love always,Sister Babb
Here is a series of pictures caught by my companion of me dying throughout the week...


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