December 10, 2019


San Diego, Californua, United States


Remands Vehi Heather Hapairai

The Travel log testimony

Hello all! Man this week fast, but so long, and crazy, and fun. It was just a wild week! 
Within this week we traveled the intire mission. I kid you not, we drove over 400 miles for exchanges and emergencies. Last tuesday we exchanged with Torrey pines so we traveled to the upper most western part of our mission. I was with sister Pederson and I learned so much for this sister. She is from temple square and shes INCREDIBLE. Most humble, sweet, loving human. Through the day we knocked doors and met with some many members from my area here in good old grossmont. We had a couple really cool lessons with families with light the world, and then a recent convert lessim about the temple and family history. After we exchanged back and we had the next day was filled with meetings, a Zone training we gave, and interviews. Later we drove All the way to the valley with the Assistants. It was about a 2 1/2 hour drive, which ended up a little longer because sister Babb couldnt hold it and had to go hide behind a big Bush which after we got a little lose and didnt have service, but it's all good. The valley was so fun! I was with Hermana Oliveros who is a brand new missionary. We started finding around 10 AM and it was the coolest experience. It was amazing to be with a brand new missionary who was so full of energy and ready to work. The first door we knocked at was Spanish and I could see it in her eyes she was so nervous. But she did amazing! 2 weeks out and she did a full spanish door approach and got a return appointment! So proud! We talked to everyone we saw and had so many cool conversations, and got another return appointment on our last door! 
That night they had a Nativity festival at the church and it was so stinken cool. The whole cultural hall at the church was filled with thousands of Nativity sets from all around the world. In the hall they had the new Christ Child video and outside they had a live Nativity performed by the missionaries. It was such a special night and so many people from the community joined. It was really special. The spirit was deffinelty there. The next day was the most hectic day of my whole mission. Some calls were made and we had to make an emergency run clear up to Ramona which us the furthest north of our mission. We had to drive to our mission phone guy and meet him, but he was at a ward party. Wr got there and he insisted we ate, so we crashed the party and had the most delicious christmas dinner. After that we drove clear up north for a while and took care of business and made our way home late that night. The next day was sunday which I wish I could say it slowed down but after church and everything we made our way down to San Ysidro which is the furthest south of our mission, right on the boarder of Mexico for an emergency. That same night we drive straight up the coast to La Jolla for exchanges AGAIN. 
This was my favorite excahnge ever because I was Home again. I got to see all my favorite people, and honestly the best Christmas gift ever. I got to teach someone who is getting baptized this Sunday who I tried to teach for a few months back in the summer. It honestly got to the point I never thought she would change, at least for a long time. But she was able to change so quickly, because of christ. Its amazing how he had the power to change things, even when they seen impossible. It's like the story of the water changed into wine. He had the power to change what was seemed to be impossible. It was a super amazing moment to see how far she has come. 
It was a crazy week of exchanges and running around, and it's not gonna slow down because we have four more just this week.:) but I love it. It's different than what I'm used to, but it's been the most amazing experience. I get to see the whole mission. See all the areas, meet all the sisters, and countless different people from different cultures. I've handed out Book of Mormons in 6 different languages in the last 5 months. I have seen so many miracles happen from these exchanges, from this mission, and from my personal mission. I've been pondering back to my mission and the last 10 months, and I can truely say it has been the best 10 months of my life. I've learned and grown so much. I've grown to love this Gospel and grown a personal relationship with my Savior Jesus Christ. 
I love you all, and I hope you all have an incredible week full of LIGHTING THE WORLD and love and laughter and cookies and hot coco and family and friends and most importantly Jesus Christ 🖤 
Love always, Sister Babb 

1.cute lil street in Grossmont 2.exchanges w/sis kenyon and my GIRLS from la Jolla 💙3.sis Pederson 4.oh lights at the temple are AMAZING6. Hermana Oliveros main gal


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