November 19, 2019


San Diego, Californua, United States


Remands Vehi Heather Hapairai

HAPPY ME :))))))))))))

Hello! This week was both amazing and hectic but I loved every second of it! (Kinda.) But guess what. IM SO HAPPY. Not even kidding I think in the happiest I've been in my whole life. Just love my mission. And yayayay cause this morning was temple morning! Woke up bright and early at 4 am so we could make the 5:30 session! So not even tired:)
 since last week I have spent 2 total days with my companion. We spent every day, and night with other sisters for exchanges and emotional needs and it was great but Man I missed my compañera. My Español had also really picked up from the many spanish exchanges soooooo I'm basically an Hermana now...
Wednesday was both the strangest and best day ever. It was like major Déjàvu. I was eith my old companion Soster Hutchinson in my old area, sleeping in my old bed, teaching the same people I once taught. It was a strange day. But it was so good to be back home. Man I missed that place. We went to UCSD and went finding for a bit and then we taught Emma and Glessilda! I almost cried when I saw them and man I got the biggest bestest hugs from them. And bonus Glessilda got Baptaized Saturday sooooo HOLLLLA. Best thing ever! AND sister Hutchinson let me go see the Torbensens soooo HOLLA. Man it was just a solid day. We exchanged back and me and my cute comp spent the whole day writing exchange reports and dealing with some drama and planning training for a Surpise MLC the next day. It was a long day but it was necessary. We then had that MLC which went well. After we exchanged AGAIN and Hermana Cromwell came with me. On this exchange we saw many miracles and added a whole family! We taught cute Kingdton about prophets, and visited a Spanish family in the ward. 
The same night we switched again and I was with Sister Taylor! Sister Taylor is a hoooot  that's for sure. was rough. Just lots of tears. But man it was also at the same time such a good day. We did a blitz in another ward which is just a bunch of missionaries and or ward members go out and knock every door and find people. We went to a couple houses and met awesome people for the elders. And on the even better side we were the only females and they were so proud of us for showing up they gave us all the muffins and fruit and we celebrated by eating all the muffins and fruit. It was a good time. We then went to her area for one of their baptisms then went to La Jolla for Glessildas Baptism and man I was in tears. Not really, but it was so good. She was so ready, and the service was so special. As we were walking out the coolest miracle happened. A girl was taking photos of her friend skateboarding and we walked out as they were leaving. She recognized the tags and said her brother served. She asked if this was an LDS church and we told her yes! She just happened to be there not knowing. We asked if she wanted to go to the YSA ward and she literally asked to take the lessons. We took her right inside to meet the sisters and she is starting the lessons tomorrow! How cool is that! God deffinelty lead her there. 
After a long day I was finally able to come back with my companion and we crashed hard. Exhausting week in every aspect. We woke up bright and early and were out and about all sunday. We had the coolest lesson after church with a recent convert and her 3 girls and a solid family. We helped the kids learn how to prep a come follow me lesson for their family and then shared light the world. Man y'all are gonna love the light the world videos. If you haven't yet go to and sign up for the daily prompts! Such a cool thing that we can do, serving one by one during the holidays, and the rest of our lives. After we got these cute sunflowers for a member and she gave us an extra one to give to someone. We noticed sister stubbs having a rough week so we wrote her a note and swung by. she almost started crying and they invited us in. After talking for a minute president invited us to stay and watch the face to face. So kinda a way cool experience watching that with President and his wife. Sunday night was amazing too! It was the mission presidents devotional for my old stake so I got to see all my friends again. I sang once and for all by Lauren Daigle. My mission has changed music for me. It has become my absolute way to share my testimony. Susie and Glessilda both my cute recent converts bore testimony and I was so stinken proud of them. It was just such a happy day for me. 
I am so grateful for my mission. So grateful for my calling, and the opportunity to serve in the capacity I do, my companion. My ward.. I have grown to love the sisters in this mission so much, and the mission in general. My testimony has gotten stronger every day and I know look forward to another day of being a missionary EVERY DAY. what is crazy to me is how fast it's all going by. This is the last pday of the transfer! This transfer went by in 2 seconds. I truely have been blessed this transfer. I need you all to know how much I love this Gospel. This church is true. With out a doubt. Heavenly Father knows us each, he loves us and he cares about our individual needs. Jesus Christ lives, he is our savior and redeemer. He walks with us every step of the way whether you see him or not. We have a living prophet who leads and guides this church. Listen to his words, and follow him. You will be so grateful in the end and will be so blessed for it. You are all amazing, and in grateful for every single person in my life and every little moment and interaction with each of you that helped me get to where I am today. 
I hope you all have an amazing week. Remember to start lighting the world! 
love always, Sister Babb 
7404 Armstrong Pl. San Diego CA 92111

1. My love 2. Dang who's companion is that? 3.a little miracle in la Jolla called Megan 4. GLESSILDA CABANBAN. Even her name is cooler then me.5. My bowling outfit was on point. 6. Sunflowers are the cutest 7.november 9th we found 4 trees, these hats and mugs in the closet, and some eggnog in the fridge. Happy Christmas season.


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