November 12, 2019


San Diego, Californua, United States


Remands Vehi Heather Hapairai

I almost died

Hello everyone! This week has flown by! It was so busy and quite exhausting, but so fun! 
Well yes sister babb is so dumb and really just needs to not be the drive any more cause I TURNED ON A ONE WAY STREET. luckily my reaction was very quick and I made a full circle and managed not to get hit. But man....I hate california roads. Almost killed my companion and i but its alllll goodie here in SD.

This week was full of conferences! We had MLC Monday, and zone conferences Wednesday-Friday! It was a whole lot of meetings and training but it was so worth it. Our focus for zone conference was becoming life long disciples of jesus christ. As missionaries and as members of the church that is what we strive to become; a true disciple of jesus christ. For me it wont stop after my mission, I will continue for the test of my life. I will take things I learned, and apply those into my life after my mission. I think my favorite part of conference was watching the new Nativity video that comes out this week. Man it was incredible, and the spirit was so strong every time we watched it. When It comes out, I challenge everyone to sit down with their families and watch it. 
Conferences went from 9-4 every day so we didnt get much done in our area this week, but the time we did spend we saw many miracles. We were able to teach Kingston twice and help him understand who God is. His two younger brothers who are 7 and 4 sit in with us and it really is so interesting. These 3 boys have the deepest questions, and love to ask "Why" to everything that we say. They are quite cute, but it's a challenge teaching them and keeping their attention. We were able to meet with the young women from a different ward and make Comfort copies of the Book of Mormon. We shared our own personal conversion and how we came to know the book was true. Afterwards a 15 year old girl can up to us and told us her how she is stuffling with the church. She asked if we could meet with her and help her to find her testimony again. After we left I was almost in tears. In that room of young women the spirit was so incredibly strong. That has become one of my favorite things on my mission is working with the youth, and sharing our testimonies with them. Another young man told his parents he didnt want to come to church any more. we went over one night and shared a message about faith over fear. The spirit was clearly there and we could tell he was feeling it. The following sunday I was asked to give a talk in church of why I am still in the church, and why I am on a mission. He showed up at church to hear me speak, and after said how much my talk meant to him. These little moments with the youth are such a huge reminder to me why I am here. I am here to invite ALL people to come unto christ. Non members, Members, youth, everyone. And there is something I love about working with the young people in the church and helping them find the gospel. AHHH I LOVE IT.
we had another exchange yesturday! 1 of 4 this week. I went with Sister Bailey who Is the cutest human from Alabama. We spent the whole day finding and Dot smashing which us the new and improved name for dot knocking. We met so many people and ended up teaching an intire family and setting a return appointment! Dumb sister Babb moment. We found a neighborhood we planned to knock out and we didnt think to look if a member loved on the street. Sooo we knocked out all the houses, and our last door we had such a good feeling about. We knocked and started our door approach and half way through our intro she cut us off and told me she liked my talk on sunday.... me and Sister Bailey looked at eachother and were so embarrassed. She laughed and invited us in to share a message. Yup she was a member lol. 
This week even though full of meetings, was such an amazing week. This transfer has flown by! We have seen so many miracles, and my love for the work has judt increased so much. I love my mission so much and I have such a testimony of this restored Gospel. I hope you all know how much I love everyone of you and how much you Heavenly Father loves you! Hope you all have the most amazing week! 
Love always, 
Sister Babb 

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