November 5, 2019


San Diego, Californua, United States


Remands Vehi Heather Hapairai

Hump Dayyyyyyyyy

Wow this week has been so good! So many amazing things happened! Yesturday was the day I have exactly 9 months left on my mission. I was honestly upset at the fact I have such little time left. Crazy how fast it has gone. But man it has been the most amazing experience of my life. I have loved every second! 
First things first. I LOVE MY COMPANION. she is the biggest blessing ever. Yup thatd all I wanted to say! Also update we have had borax all over our carpet the whole week (we played the floor is lava and or had to wear shoes around the house always) and the fleas are gone! Soooooo...  HOLLLA! 

Alright anyways...Tuesday night we went on exchanges till Wednesday night and I went with Hermana Greenwood down in San Ysidro. Man was it so different. It is right along the boarder Of Tijuana and not one person we met spoke enlgish. I got to attempt my broken spanish but for the most part I just smiled and acted like I knew what was going on. It was overall so fun though, spanish work is amazing! Thursday was Halloween! We visited some members and planned for MLC and Zone conference a little. We had to be in at 5 because of the Holiday so we made homemade pizza and carved pumpkins and watch the Book of Mormon videos. We bought a big bag of candy in Hope's we would get trick or treaters.....not one person. Its almost been a week and we have eaten most of the bag ourselves. Oops! 
Thursday I gave the training at district council and we talked about the first and second great commandments. When I got asked to train on this I was pumped! Uchdorf said one of my favorite quotes, "since love Is the first and second great commandment, it ought to be at the center of everything and all we do." Love truely is everything! Thursday night we exchanged with the Batalion Sisters and I went with Sister Hernandez to the Batalion! Oh my it was the funnest exchange ever. I got to be a batalion sister for the entire day. Yup, pioneer dress and all. We had shift and gave a few tours and I had no idea what was going on so like spanish work I just smiled and acted like I knew what I was doing. It was so cool to be in the other side of the tour and be the one giving it. There really is a special spirit at the church historical sites, and what an amazing experience it was to be apart of that for the day. 
Monday we had MLC. It was so good! It's crazy how many changes are still happening in the mission field right now. President and Sister Stubbs gave incredible trainings about being disciples of Jesus Christ now, and forever! We had our training on meaningful exchanges and it went super well! I honestly have loved this calling, and I love training! It's my opportunity to share my testimony to all the missionaries, and hope that my testimony can help them in some way. We had the craziest day, right after we had 5 appointments back to back until 9. We were non stop. They went so good though! We visited an older lady in the ward and raked her leaves, and after went to Kingston and finally found hin home. We played football with him and his younger brother Colton and then attempted to teach them the first part of the restoration. It was so hard to explain it to a 7, and 11 year old. We were surprised by the deep questions they had about God. We only got through one point and ran out of time Haha so we are going back tomorrow to play duck duck goose and teach him again. Its is really hard teach younger kids, their parents are supportive and both members but want nothing to do with the lessons, let alone the church. Makes it tricky for sure!
I love my mission so stinken much. I am so grateful for every experience I have had. I have learned and grown so much. The experiences I have had have changed my life forever, and I wouldn't trade then for the world. I love this gospel more than anything and I hope you all know how love you truely are by me, and by your Heavnly Father.  Have the best week!
Love always,
Sister Babb
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