October 29, 2019


San Diego, Californua, United States


Remands Vehi Heather Hapairai

Borax....The cure for the bites

This week was soo good! I'm just becoming more in love with my mission! Every day it seems to get better! Even on the rough ones I can look back and find good! 
So once I got into thr new area I noticed I was getting a crazy amount of bug bites around my ankles. Then sister aitchison started noticing it as well. We thought maybe it was mosquitos or something. We could not figure it out! Then we were planning on our carpet for a couple hours and we both were so itchy afternoon after some thinking and thuro digging we found out the sisters 2 transfers ago had flees! So yes, sister Babb is living with flees in good ole San diego. We called and to save time and money we are suppose to use borax! So we got 2 large boxes and covered every square inch of carpet in the bedroom and living room with white fluffy washing detergent. It looks like straight christmas. And we have to leave it for a week, so we have to wear shoes around the bedroom and hsve to play hot lava when we go to the kitchen. Hopefully it works! 
Wednesday I finally got to teach Deb and Clerence! They are both in their 60's and so incredible. They both want so badly to get baptized. Honestly the lesson was more then teaching us! Deb is a talker! We are praying that everything goes out smoothly with some medical things so we can move forward with their baptism! Keep them in your prayers! 
Thursday was crazy busy! We had zone welcome and then interviews with president. Right after interviews the AP's and us had to drive to the valley. The only reason we could ride with them is because its 200 miles out so we got to save the miles. It was such a fun drive out to the middle of no where riding on the edge of the boarder. First time seeing the boarder! The valley was so fun! I went on exchanges with Sister Smith who is so stinken cute! We had so much tracting and visiting people. She is such a special missionary. Something she said really hit me. I asked her what her goals were for her mission, and she said "I want to go to bed every single night knowing I gave it my all that day." She said that and man.... that Is my new goal. She rocked it the whole day and it was so stinken fun to be out in the Valley for the day. So pretty! When we left we found out we had to drive an extra car back....and we ran in to a couple problems. The elders didnt tell us we would have to drive so we didnt bring our TIWI cards. Basically it's our ID cards to log into the system that controls our driving and tells at ya when you drive to fast or something. So for the whole 2 hour ride TIWI yelled at us telling us to log in. Then when we were half way we found out the csr had to be at the mission office by 5 am the next day. Long story short we called about 30 people. Missionaries, senior couples, members. No one could help us out. We literally were getting ready to sleep in the car at the mission office when we thought to call a member fron my old area since it was close. They came to the rescue and drove us home. True saints they are. It was a REAL long night.
Saturday we had our ward trunk or treat and it was so stinken fun! We had a kid who's 11 we are teaching come with his whole family! We got asked to decorate our car and we found a bunch of scary aged pictures and themed our car "Family History." None of the kids got it but we thought we were pretty clever. 
Sunday was my favorite day of the week. Church was just amazing. The spirit was so strong and it just carried on the rest of the day. We had dinner with the most amazing family the Konolds. They had a Halloween themed dinner. They went all out! They had this huge meatloaf foot covered in blood with giant onion toenails, and brain jello. It was hard to eat anything at first cause it all looked so gross Haha. After we drove all the way up to DelMar for a mission presidents devotional. I didnt do anything at this one because I've been so short in time, but ahhh it was so good! Music from missionaries, and testimonies from recent converts. Such a special night, and the spirit was soooo strong. The wack thing of the week that was so scary that happened was as we were leaving we were about to get on the free way when I saw a man fall while crossing the street right on the exit to the freeway and he started seizing. I yelled at my comp and we pulled over so quick, left the car running, and sprinted across the intersection to help this old man up and get him on the sidewalk. I was so scared he was gonna get hit! It was a miracle because it is such a crazy busy intersection, but the moment we got out after he fell there seemed to be no cars and we were able to cross and get him to safety. We had to call 911, and wait for them. All to find out it was a homeless man who the same cops and paramedics have already been called for him 3 other times that day! So we were able to leave quick but we got home sooo late. Well not really it was 9:40...but still way past curfew for us! 
Anyways my mission is incredible! Despite the flees and the almost sleeping in our car and the seizing homeless man in the road, It has all been incredible! I have learned so much the last 2 weeks. I love the people, I love the gospel, and I love this ward! So excited for another week spent here! Will be so crazy and exhausting because we have 4 exchanges with sisters so I'll only have 3 days in my area this week! But I'm excited! Everyone have a great week!
Love always
Sister Babb

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