October 22, 2019


San Diego, Californua, United States


Remands Vehi Heather Hapairai

Meetings and beat boxin...

Yes that is what my week has consisted of! Meetings and beat boxin all the day long. We get so bored in between planning and we had to come up with a way to entertain our selves. Therefore we made a beat and found a handful of hymns to sing with. So funny and so fun haha. 
Stupid sister babb moment of the week. Well there were many but the best one was I went to go est my crackers and I sat in the chair and the chair just...broke hahaha. I fell straight on the ground. So funny. Guess I need to cut down the oreos...
 Man its been the BEST WEEK! Me and my new companion got together tuesday and we didnt even have time for the awquard adjusting get to know your companion time. We got together and 5 hours later had to give an hour training to the brand new missionaries getting off the plane! Can I just say how stinken lucky I am to be her companion. Sister Aitchison is the biggest blessing ever. She is so wise and so strong eith her testimony and is the most powerful teacher. And we are already so tight. We have so much fun, and we laugh constantly, and man...I just love her to pieces. Very blessed.Anyways there were 25 new missionaries! Ahh so many! We had a big get to know you and dinner at the church and then after training that got to go with their new trainers! The next morning we had training the whole day at the mission home! We basically train all day and get to know them more and eat in between all that. Such a fun day! And the remainder time we had we planned for the next training...thursday we had batalion training for the new missionaries and their trainers and that was about 5 hours. I thought I would be so scared about training all these missionaries, but It was honestly so fun! After training we had planning meeting with the AP's and president and sister Stubbs! They took us to lunch at the funnest place in old town call Fiesta de Reyes and planned for MLC. So cool getting to work them so closely. 
The rest of the 2 days we had we visited as many members as we could trying to get to know them! Man have a missed family wards! I LOVE working with the families, the young women, and all the little babies and Puppies. I swear everyone has a dog and it is just happiness right when the door opens. Needless to say it has been the happiest week in such a long time. There were so many moments I turned to my companion and and told her that, And how grateful I am for her. I am genuinely so happy, and so healthy, and just absolutely in love with my mission. It's so crazy to me I am around my half way mark! Time has flown by! 

Sunday was really good. We went to church and met all the amazing members and set up a bunch of appointments! We had two people we are teaching attend Deb and Clerence. Deb has breast cancer and she lives with clerence as his care taker because he also has health problems. Interesting situation but these two are the most faithful loving people I've ever met. They are so ready to be baptized, but we have to clear some things up first. We are also teaching 5 other people that I have not met yet! This area is poppin! We went finding and went to a part member family and met a girl named Maya. Her husband is a member and she goes sometimes with her, but felt pushed by previous sisters so hasnt been in over 9 months! We visited with her and the next day helped her move a friend. Sunday she showed up to church and invited us over to share a message the next day! Her husband was tearing up as we shared a message, and she was so happy about it all. Deffinetly potential in her so we are so excited to help her! That night we had dinner with the coolest family the Jenkins. It was one of those nights where the spirit was so strong, and I was reminded why I was here on my mission. It was a very special night. 
Monday morning we gave training to all our STL's and then....guess what MORE PLANNING, and a couple lessons. I didnt realize how much planning and training that we would have to do. Saturday I think was the most tired I have been my entire mission. We wake up at 5:30 and get to bed around 10:45. Long days, and no breaks. It's all catching up to me. It's so different, so hard, but it's so worth it. The blessings I have already seen, and the lord is strengthening me in every way possible. As I've been studying the book of mormon and looking back at my mission I've realized how much the lord has blessed me, and how he has been with me every step of the way. He has strengthened me, and guided me, and help me overcome so many obstacles. I have never felt so much peace and love from my heavenly father as I have on my mission. It has been the most incredible 9 months of my life. I love every second. The good the bad and the ugly! It has shaped me into who I am today. It has made me stronger. I am so lucky to be able to serve the people here, and to serve my Heavenly Father.
I am so grateful for every single one of you, and all your support. You are all amazing and I feel your prayers. I hope you all have the most incredible week, and you never ever forget the lord walks with you always. 
Love you all❤
Love always,
Sister Babb
1. My poor chair...2.cute comp!3.sister Aitchison and Sister Stubbs 4.nachos at 9 am at batalion training...I think yes 5.MLC planning and lunch!6. A real life picture of me doing service 


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