October 15, 2019


San Diego, Californua, United States


Remands Vehi Heather Hapairai

Anotha one....

Hello! It has been such a great week this week! Taught some good lessons and met some really awesome people, and got some crazy news! 
We taught Neyra and Kristi this week and both are progressing! Krisit will be baptized next month which is so exciting! We had to drop josh...real simply because he asked me on a date. Not at all what I was expecting. My companion was crying she thought it was so funny, and I felt like the biggest idiot. He will be passed straight to the elders haha. Friday I was texting our bishop and really wanted to find a way to help him and his family. His  year old grandson is in the ICU for heart failure and his family is really struggling. He was super down and me and my companion really felt stuck on what to do. They didnt want any visiters and didnt want any help. The thought came into my head to heart attack their door! So I texted the ward mission group chat and gathered the elders and about 4 others and we cut out so many hearts and wrote scriptures and comforting quotes for them. It was so fun, and such a great way to remind them how loved they truly are. 
Sunday night was so fun! Bishop Schwalger from la mesa 1st had us and the Elders from that ward over for dinner and they made Sister Alofaki Tongan food. Most interesting food I've ever had and I think I gained 10 pounds from the one meal hahaha. They had so much food! After the meal I was so full I thought I was going to die, then the wife comes over with literally half a carton of ice cream in one bowl and 2 huge cookies. It was enough for at least 6 servings and she placed the huge bowl in front of me. I honestly thought my stomach was going to explode. I've never eaten that much in one sitting.despite that It was such a fun night and such a blessing for my companion! 

Alright... start of transfer 6 is today and I will be transferred to the Grossmont family ward in my same area, and will have my 8th companion on my mission! Yup... ANOTHA ONE! 
Sunday night I received a call from president Stubbs and he asked me to be the next SSTL (Senior Sister Training Leader.) Basically for those who have no clue we work with the AP's and we are over all the sisters in the mission. It's hard work! I was so surprised and terrified about this position but happily excepted. I then got a call from the current SSTL's and they told me what the next week was going to look like. Monday I had to pack all day and say bye to members, and this morning I will move in with my new comp! my cute new companion Sister Aitchison will then train me for a few hours, then The rest of the day and the week we will be training all the new missionaries that come into the mission with the AP's and President. When the sisters told me everything that I will be doing and that will be expected of me, all the trainings for zone conference and MLC and all 9+ exchanges with STL's we gotta do, emergency exchanges...the list went on. I for a hot sec was extremely stressed and  the thoughts ran through my head of how the heck I was going do this. But just shortly after I said a prayer thanking my father in heaven for trusting me enough to give me this calling. I know it will be so stressful and difficult at times, but I know that through him I can do anything. I am so excited to serve along side the AP's and work with the sisters in the mission! I have a roller coaster of a mission so far but so greatful for every companion, and every moment. I've been so blessed.
I will miss my cute trainee so much. She has been such a great comp and this area is so amazing. They are sending her to a family ward to do some Tongan work which will be so amazing for her! The lord truly is in this. He knows us and he never asks us to do anything we can not handle! I LOVE my mission so much! Time is going by way too fast. In just a couple weeks I will hit my half way mark! 
I hope you all know how loved you truly are. Your Heavenly Father knows and loves you all. Dont ever forget that! Have such a great week! 
Love Always,
Sister Babb
1. Bishops heart attacked door2. Schwalgers3. LOVE THEM4.Alua a hoa ❤ ( bye bye companion)5.I was trying to pack and my comp thought it would be funny to throw every piece of clothing I have on me to prove I have way too much....she is right hahaha 


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