October 8, 2019


San Diego, Californua, United States


Remands Vehi Heather Hapairai

Blessins on Blessins on Blessins

Another great week here in La Mesa! Crazy only one week left of the Transfer! Gone by so fast. Like my subject title says I FEEL SO BLESSED.
Wednesday and Thursday we went tracting basiclaly all day trying to find someone to teach. This area is so hard to find anyone, especially YSA age. Thursday we finally had a guy who was willing to listen to us. We spent about an hour teaching this guy the restoration...hahahaha it was so bad. He was a super cool dude. Raised christian. When we started talking about prophets and Jesus christ he started laughing, and then when we got to joseph smith he cut us off and went off on us. Sister Alofaki was shook. She had no clue what to do or how to react. It was her first time facing real rejection. After he was through lecturing us for about 30 minutes I finished testifying and then we kindly excused ourselves. As we walked away  Sister Alofaki asked why I didnt try harder at the end to give him an invite or a BOM. I asked her if she would trade her knowledge of the gospel for $100. She said a very sturn no back to me. I told her something I learned from my main man Brad Wilcox (man love that dude.) We have something worth more than all the money the world could offer; more than a $100. So in this analogy we tried to give this guy $100 bill, and he didnt want it, and that's perfectly ok! We wont waste our time trying to convince him to take it.  We will just move on to the next person and offer it to them! Not everyone is going to take it, but there is someone who has been waiting for that bill and they need it and are ready to except it   It's our job to find that one. Thst one who is ready and WILLING to take it. 
Friday started out by being the worst day ever, then quickly turned into the best. We got in a little car accident in the morning, nothing too bad. No one hurt and not much damage done. The other person in the other car was so rude about it and it really offset my morning. I was convinced the day would be terrible and I had such a bad attitude and was really upset. I said a prayer and asked for help. Man did the lord answer my prayer and turned that day around really quick. We ended up having one of the best days of my entire mission. We taught so many lessons and added two people. Kristi and Josh. And Kristi is on date! The car guy for the mission Elder Fife called and said life happens sometime and he took care of it and told me how loved I am. God answered my prayers in more than one way and so much greater than I expected. He truly watches over us and protects us, and comforts us in times we need. Such a good learning experience for me. Could have easily let that ruin my day (I did for a sec) but instead I turned to the lord and like the scriptures say he turned my griefs into JOY. 
Conference was the absolute best. How amazing is it we get to hear from our beloved Prophet and Apostles and leaders of the church, and hear their inspired words. So many things that were spoken I needed to hear and they really touched me. I love all the changes and adjustments that have been made and how Christ centered and family centered we are. Also temple in Orem what!!!? I literally cried when I heard that and I was so excited I missed the other ones that were read hahah. Truly a blessing ❤ sunday after conference President Stubbs had Sister Alofaki and I over for Carne Asada because his son's family from my home ward in orem were there! So fun to sit down with them and talk and see a piece of home! Made me so happy and lots of hugs were exchanged to be passed on to my momma. Really have the best Mission President here!
I want you all to know, I know with everything inside of me this church is true. With out a doubt. It has brought me more joy than I ever thought possible. I have loved every second of my mission and I am so excited for the next 10 months! Y'all are amazing! I hope you all took the time to watch or listen to conference. If you haven't or you missed a talk or fell asleep (it happens)  I challenge you to go back and listen. Go back if you have already listened and listen again. Ponder the words that were spoken and listen to what the spirit tells you. 
Have the best week ever! Love you all so much!
Love always, 
Sister Babb 
7404 Armstrong pl. San diego CA 92111

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