October 1, 2019


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Remands Vehi Heather Hapairai

A week of miracles

Well after my last weeks letter I got so many emails of love and encouragement and it was so appreciated and I felt every single one of your prayers. God really took care of me this week. 
After Tuesday morning I was in so much pain I had to call the mission nurse. Around 6 pm the mission president and his wife called and they took me to the ER. We were there till almost 2 AM doing tests and getting things figured out. After a super long night we got every taken care of. I took the next couple days off and went and saw one more doctor. Friday morning was a miracle. I woke up and felt normal. It was the strangest thing after so long of being sick, it was gone over night. I was able to go to zone conference that morning and work all evening. It was a super scary week, and there were so many moments I actually thought I was going to have to leave. But the Lord reassured me that my work is not done here. He provided a way and I know through him we can get through anything! I spent about 2 days at the mission home recovering and I think my favorite moment of the whole thing was about 10 pm wednesday I went to get water and I caught our mission president in his pjs eating ice cream. I laughed and he said "well this is one sight most missionaries will never get to see." Highlight of my week. 
The rest of the week has been so good! We have done so much finding and are just trying to add more people to teach! Monday was one of the best days I've had in a long time! We went on exchanges and I was eith sister Kendrick. We went to a mall near by and talked to many people. The first person we talked to was a guy name Chris who said he just moved into town and had been looking for a church to attend. We gave him a book of mormon and he agreed to meet again! After such a long week, and not adding anyone that alone was an answer to so many prayers. After that we just seemed to be on a role. We went to another mall, and park, and then Grossmont college. Sister Kendrick and I talked to everyone who we passed. We ran into a member and she tagged along with us for a couple hours and was the biggest help! We ended setting so many return appointments and placing so many Copies of the Book of Mormon. It was truly a day of miracles we had. 
The day didnt end there. We taught one of the most spiritual lessons I've ever been in. We met with Neyra who we have been teaching a few weeks and read 2 Nephi 31 about Baptism. At the end Neyra said she had never heard anyone speak with such power, and our words really hit her. Sister Kendrick and I got so emotional and we continued to share out testimonies about this amazing Gospel. The spirit was present and we told Neyra that. I felt it, and sister Kendrick felt it, and we knew Neyra was feeling it as well. We invited her to be baptized and we could see she knew it was right, but she has so many fears. She told us she would pray and let us know. She closed us with a prayer and we all sat in silence for a few minutes before she left. I never understood what it meant to have the "voice of angles" or "gift of tongues" until I came on a mission. It is SO real. When we have the spirit with us as we teach, it will touch the hearts of the people the Spirit is the teacher. And as members of the church we are blessed with those two gifts if we choose to use them, and let the spirit help us teach people. It was one of those moments I realized why I am here, why god needs me here. 
Yeah it has been the hardest few weeks of my whole mission. There were so many times I wanted to give up and go home. My health was so bad and I remember the hopelessness of laying in the ER wondering what was next. But I remember the thoughts that came into mind as I played there at 2 am. My work was isn't finish, and all would be well, and I will be made whole. I woke up the next morning and felt so much peace. I knew everything was going to be ok. And it is! And I have had 2 of the greatest days of my mission! I am so grateful for my heavenly father and the love he has shown me. He truly knows us. He knows our pains, and our heartaches and he is here to ease those feelings when we reach out to him. I have felt his hand in my life more than ever the last few days. 
I am so greatful for my time here and I am so excited for the next 10 months of my life. Its all gone by too fast. I thank you all again for your love and support and prayers. You are all amazing. 
Also congrats to Tyler and cheryl and their new amazing, adorable little guy Grayson ❤ love being an aunt to your 4 kids. Send baby gray all my love!

Love always, 
Sister Babb 7404 Armstrong pl. San diego CA 92111

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