September 24, 2019


San Diego, Californua, United States


Remands Vehi Heather Hapairai

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Well this week has been extremely rough but it is slowly getting better! 
The week actually started off really well. We taught a couple lessons and we had a super cool lesson with Mary. We were teaching the Restoration and I let my cute trainee take the lead for her first time. Her english is getting there and sometimes you cant understand her, but the spirit is there whenever she speaks. She did the first vision and the spirit was so strong. We asked Mary what she was feeling and she said she had goosebumps and had this overwhelming feeling if joy. She started crying when we told her that that was the holy ghost testifying to her this was true. We invited her to be baptized and I have never seen anyone more excited and sure of something. Its moment like those that make this all worth it. Helping people find that light and joy is the best thing ever. 
We also got to take Susie to the temple to do baptisms for her first time. Such a special moment for susie. So amazing seeing how far she has come in the last 7 months. 
Wednesday I started getting really sick from some medication that the doctor prescribed me and a few other problems that have come up or have been feeling with. I've been struggling for a couple months now, and this week was just flat out miserable. I was in bed started Thursday and couldnt move, couldnt sleep, And was in so much pain. We had a lot of exchanges with other sisters so my companion could get out. It's been very hard physically and emotionally. I recieved a priesthood blessing and last night I had this overwhelming peaceful feeling come and these thoughts. I have served the last 8 months to the fullest I belive I could serve. I've changed lives, and my life has been changed. But my work isn't finished. I have 10 month left to give everything I can. The lord needs me here and he will provide a way for me to get better. We have a long couple weeks of tests, and blood work and doctors visits, but I have so much faith that I can come out on top of this. 
I don't usually ask for things, but I could use all the prayers I can get. My mission is everything to me and I am not ready for it to be done. I am so grateful for all the love and support I've received on my mission. It's been a true blessing being here and serving the people here in San Diego. 
You are all amazing. ❤
Love Always,Sister Babb
John 14:18 I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.


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