September 10, 2019


San Diego, Californua, United States


Remands Vehi Heather Hapairai

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Hello hello! It's been an amazing week here in la mesa! Been a week full of adjustments and many new things but it's been overall good!
First off, who ever said San Diego had perfect weather all the time was wrong. Maybe by the beach. But la mesa/El Cajon is BOILING. its 95 degrees with 86% humidity. So basically I'm in a bowl of sweat all the time Haha. But it's ok I'm getting use to it slowly. Best part is we dont have AC at the apartment so we have like 20 fans blasting all the time other wise we melt. 

Tuesday I spent the day with sister Jones because we were both training. We literally spent the whole day cleaning my new apartment. We showed up to unload my stuff and the apartment had been vacant for a few transfers and it was NASTY. I found cockroaches and spiders and webs. It was probably hysterical watching us try to kill them. And while we were cleaning a black cat ran into the apartment. He was kind cute. I named him Larry. Around 6 we got to pick up our trainees! Mine trainees name Is Sister Alofaki! She is from Tonga and is 19. She is so stinken cute! She struggles with English and shes kinda quiet but we are working on it! We went to institute that night and both showed up brand new not knowing anyone. We got to know a few people and set up some appointments for the following days. 
Wednesday we dropped our trainees off at the mission home and sister Jones and I spent another day together. We studied and did a little finding! After sister Alofaki and I went finding a majority of the night. The next day we had the batalion training day and our trainees take a tour while we get additional training from president Stubbs. After, almost all 24 of us and our trainees went and got Cali Burritos. Oh my word SOOOOOOO GOOD. Deffinelty a heart attack in a tortilla but soo good. Nothing like Utahs let me tell ya. After we did more finding. We are doing s Ton of finding cause we came in the area and sister haven't been here in a couple transfers so we had no one to teach! We share the ward with the AP's one cause its huge. It covers 3 stakes! And two cause they are thr AP's and have so many things to do they couldnt cover the ward on their own. So the way we do teaching is if you find them, you teach them. 
Friday we had our first full day! We had a bunch of meetings with members and tried to get to know as many people as we can! And Saturday was perfect cause we had a bbq on the beach with the ward and we got to know so many people! We played football and one of the members wrecked me. I got an interception and started running and he tracked me down and 2 hand shoved me. But it was more like a bus hit me from behind and I went flying and my dress slacks and nice shirt were all muddy. It was great hahahaha. I seriously love YSA work. It is so fun to work with them! Sunday we found someone to teach named Neyra! Shes been taught in the past and she agreedto lessons. We taught her for the first time yesturday and she was super into it and agreed to read the hook of mormon and have lessons every week! In sacrament they did the typical call the missionaries up to the stand last second to talk thing. My companion was so scared but then he asked her to speak in her native language so she was so pumped cause no one would understand her. Then I spoke for a few minutes which I was so grateful for so I could introduce my self! 
Later in the day they have the coolest thing it's called fellowship night. They have it twice a month on Sunday. Basically they have a spiritual thought then the rest of the time they have food and we play games. It was so fun to get to know people and meet people being taught and recent converts. 
Susie got baptized on Saturday so we drove back to la jolla! I'm am so proud of her. I taught her for 6 months and to see her progression and her testimony grow was amazing! She is such a light and i love her so much. She asked me to sing at her baptism so I sang at her request "be thou my vision." And then she asked me to bare my testimony at the very end. It was something i will never ever forget. Such a special baptism. 
It's been hard to train again and white wash but i know that I am here for a reason. God knows us and he knows where we are needed. I am ready to continue to work here and get to know more people! 
I love the work, I love my mission, I love this gospel! So grateful to be here on a mission.❤ 
Also side note my mission president is the best and gave me permission to go to the batalion this week where my best friend Tess and also Sophie will be with their their soccer team (Dixie State) taking a tour. So I will get to take a tour with them!!!!:) so excited! 
Anyways have the best week! 
Love always, 
Sister Babb
7404 Armstrong pl. San Diego CA. 92111

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