September 3, 2019


San Diego, Californua, United States


Remands Vehi Heather Hapairai

No Hablo Español...

Hello! It has been a crazy week! Full of so many miracles!
First off...I'm so sad. Great way to start my letter right? I am getting transferred today! i know I had do eventually but I was secretly hoping I'd stay there forever. Anyways I'm freaking out a little inside because I am training AGAIN. YES AGAIN. 3 transfers in a row. Most missionaries train once and I'm already on 3 and only 6 months into my mission. And the best part is WE ARE WHITE WASHING. so yes I'm going into a brand new area blind and I'm training hahahaha. Not even nervous at all. I'm going to Cowles Mountail YSA ward! It is in Santee area and I am so excited!!! Going to be so hard, and so stressful, and I'm so nervous. But I know that the Lord needs me there! We said goodbye yesterday and man I was a mess. It was some if the hardest goodbyes I've ever made. The young women balled and chased my car as we drove away and I was a hysterical mess. Sarah and Ethyn were so sad to find out I was leaving. Sarah was so scared to be taught by other missionaries and I hugged her and told her, i was never the one teaching her. I blabbed my mouth but the spirit is the teacher. The spirit is the one that testifies of the truth to her. The Torbensen and Emma were also really hard. I have just come to love the people here like family. They have changed my life the last 6 months. 
Anyways the week has been so good though. We had temple shift twice this week and it was amazing. We talked to a about 250 people within those 2 days. We gave out 5 book of mormons and 2 refuralls! It is something I will miss so much. Being outside the temple and talking about how much it means to me for 6 hours! Nothing better❤ but funny story a car pulled up and asks if we speak spanish. I said something along the lines of I'd give them a little kiss? I said pequito instead of poquito. So yup started off great. But I actually needed do giving them a tour in Spanish somehow. I read form the pamphlets and bore my testimony. Ask me how I did it, and I'll tell you I have no idea other than God helped me through that one. All I can day is I'm glad I listened in my high school Spanish class hahaha thanks drape. It was actually the coolest experience for me.
Sunday was really cool. In sacrament meeting of the 7th ward I felt inspired to bare my testimony. After we had the opportunity to teach ALL the youth in Sunday school. We started with a game and had them make paper airplanes. We decided in 2 teams and the only rule was each person had to make their own plane. One team each person got there own paper, and the other team got one piece and scissors. We gave them 20 seconds. They all complained and said it wasn't fair, there wasn't enoughtime, the rules weren't specific, etc. The point of the game was to introduce what we call the circle of control. There are coulntless things that are out of our control whether, other people, traffic, teachers, so many things! There are things we can influence like our peers, and our time management. But it is up to us! We can control far more things then what we can't. We can control our thoughts, our attitude, friends, to be grateful, what we watch, what we wear, what we say, what we do, our work ethic, and most important whether we CHOOSE to apply the gospel into our lives. It really is all up to us. We cant control what goes on around us, but we can choose how we react and whether or not we apply the gospel or not. We talked about president Nelson's worldwide youth devotional and how they are the "hope of isreal." We I vited them to choose! Choode christ! I want to invite you all to do the same. Think about who you are, and who you are willing to become. And choose to make the sacrifices needed to change and become better! 
This last 6 months have been the most amazing 6 months of my life. I have learned and grown soooo much. I'm absolutely terrified but I am choosing to go in hopeful and with faith that my Heavenly father will guide me through this! I love my mission so much, and I'm so excited to see what this new area can bring me. I love you all. Thank you for you countless prayer. I feel then for sure. 
Love always,
Sister Babb
7404 Armstrong Pl. San Diego CA 92111

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