August 27, 2019


San Diego, Californua, United States


Remands Vehi Heather Hapairai

6 Months!

This week was so good! So many cool moments. 
Wednesday we went to UCSD campus with the Mandarin Elders and took a white board that asked "What makes you happy?" We talked to so many people and had them write their answers on the board. We gave out some copies of the Book of Mormon and potentially added someone named Nick! It was so fun and such a great experience. We are trying to do it every week! After we met with a man named Dan. Hes about 50, and he wanted to go for a walk. So he leashed up his dog and we started walking. And we kept walking, and we didn't stop walking. He took us all the way to Kate sessions park which was a 2 mile walk UP HILL. I was dying, in so out of shape haha. The best part is while we were walking he was asking us questions and he asked one right before the hill so I had to answer it while we walked straight up the steepest hill I've ever seen. I could barely talk. So over this long walk we taught almost all 5 lessons based on the questions he asked. It was super interesting, pretty fun, and really really great exercise. He may not come to the church but it was a success because we in his words "gave him a super positive view on the church." 
Friday was so cool. We had 2 of the young women who are 16 call us and ask to come out with us for the day. Let me just say. Two 16 year old girls from la Jolla, and it was their last Friday of the summer wanted to spend it with the Sister missionaries.  We met with them and went to our apartment and did some studies with them before we headed out. We went and taught Emma with them at the institute building and Emma brought her non-member friends Olivia. We taught them about serving in the church and missionary work, and at the end I felt very prompted to invite Emma to be baptized. I was fighting it off because we have been asking Emma for weeks, and talking about baptism. But I decided to invite her and she accepted a date! It was such a cool lesson, and the spirit was definitely present. The two girls shared their testimonies and they were both crying the whole time. When we walked out of the lesson the two girls started crying and said that was such an amazing experience and told us how they both want to be missionaries. I honestly believe That Emma was meant to except the date when we had these two girls here. For them to be able to experience that, and be apart of that was such an amazing experience for the 2. Later Friday we went and did some service for a man named Edgar. We mowed and edged him yard. New experience for me haha but it was really cool. He was so impressed that we came to help and were so nice he showed up at church on Sunday and even went to the Mormon Battalion with us and did a tour and brought his little sister. Really cool experience to meet with Edgar. 
Sunday President and Sister Stubb's came to our ward and sat right in front of us. He came to interview Susie for her baptism next week. After Sacrament I was asked by the young women's president to share my personal conversion to the young women. This is something that means so much to me, that I was able to share my story and my testimony with these young girls. While I was talking one of the young women teared up. I invited them to  leave their boats like I talked about last time. To swim to Christ and never look back. I invited them to choose now who they want to be, and don't let any thing get in the way of that and their goals. After the young women all came and hugged me and a couple told me they didn't want me to leave. I teared up. If anything in this area I was put here to help these young women. I have grown so close to so many of them, and it will break my heart when I have to leave them. Anyways it was a real cool moment for me, ill never forget it.  It was super cool we had so many people at church including Ethyn and Sarah. We have been trying to work with them since I got here, and in the last couple months so many "coincidences" have occurred that were not coincidences at all. Anyways they invited us over later in the evening for cookies and to read with them! We taught them the Plan of Salvation and answered a bunch of their questions. At the end they were both so excited. Ethyn is a member and he hasn't been to church in 8 years. After this he said one of his goals is to get sealed in the temple and he looked at Sarah who isn't a member and she just smiled at him. It was a really cool moment for us to see. We are going to meet with them once a week now!
I have learned so much so far of being on my mission, and it is so crazy to me ive been here 6 months. 6 months today actually. I have come to love the area, and the people here and I wouldn't trade my experiences for anything. Thank you for all your love and support, and i hope you all have a great week!

Love Always,
Sister Babb

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