August 20, 2019


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Parable of the belly flops

Hello! It was the BEST week here in La Jolla! So many incredible and crazy moments!
Last pday was so fun! It was Elder Erickson's last pday so he gathered about 1/3 of the mission at one of the churches and we had the most epic turf war of my life. We used the chairs, tables, the big thing of chairs you roll around to create the course. For some reason all thr missionaries here have nerf guns so we were all able to play. So it was like 20 on 20 and it was so fun! Then we played my favorite game ever Chair soccer! We played for like 2 hours and I was the only sister that played haha. So fun! Deffinely showed some elders up. Also side note. Thursday morning we received a call from our district leaders (elder Erickson and Elder Rhodes.) Elder Erickson was in the most pain so they went to the doctors. 2 hours later we got another call and he had an emergency Appendectomy. Luckily he only had 5 days left on his mission. So his family flew out from Utah and we had today bye a few days early. Really sad but he was up and going the next day! Talk about going out with a bang hahahah.
Wednesday was so good! We had zone conference! Again we got a call from the AP's a couple nights before. And from last times experience I was in panic mode a tiny bit thinking I was going to have to play the mission song again... and fail AGAIN. But to my surprise they didnt ask me to play, but to come up with a musical number with some people in my district in one day! They are super good at asking us to do something the night before that takes a week or more of practice Haha. Somehow we managed to pull it off. Sister Meier and Elder Erickson and I sang Come Thou fount/High to Kolob! With lots of prayers and a hour or so of practice we managed to pull it off! 
Sister trepanier decided to extend her mission! She go called to Nashville Tennesee. So she will head to the MTC sep 4 and then to Nashville for 14 more months. She had changed and grown so much over the past 3 months. Man I'm a proud mom, shes growing up!
Saturday I gave training at district council. I talked about loving God and jesus christ before anything. If we can love them and rely on them then we will want to be obedient and work hard. I refuted to the story of peter. Peter after christ died was terrified. He like we do at times felt lost, and super inadequate. Peter turned back to what he used to do and went fishing. Christ shows up at the beach and peter literally jumps out of the boat and swims to him. Christ asks him 3 times if peter loves him more than the boat, more than the fish, and more than the nets. Peter says "yes lord, I do love thee more then these things." The lord then says to cast away the nets and forget the boat and the fish. He asked him to feed his sheep and to never look back. We talked about how coming on missions we chose to jump out of the boat. We left the fish and the nets behind, and chose to feed his sheep. But it doesn't stop there. We cant ever go back to the boat. We aren't just feeding his sheep for 18-24 months, we are feeding his sheep forever. We all need to jump out of the boat. Leave our distractions behind and choose to swim to christ. And once we do, never look back. Serve him and love him forever. Feed his sheep forever, serve others and be a life long missionary! 
Sunday was my favorite day of my whole mission. It was just incredible. Started off with 7th ward! We were greeting at the door and suddenly Mitt Romney was walking towards us with his wife. We talked for a minute and got to know them! They are the nicest people ever! So that was way cool. He has a house down ththe street from us that they vacation to! In the YSA we had 2 speakers. One of them was a guy named Bradley who came up with his own parable called the parable of the belly flops. He basically talked about the jelly bean rejects. When making jelly beans they always have defects that all looked all weird and smooshed up and maybe colors blend. Those jelly beans get put in a bag all together and are called the rejects. He talked about how he loves the jelly bean rejects, even maybe more than the perfect little jelly beans you can find on the top shelf at target. He loves the weird shaped ones, and the lumpy ones and the multicolored ones. He talked about how in the end they were still jelly beans. They still tasted the same. He talked about gods love for all of us. We all come in different shapes, colors, sizes. Some have a missing leg, a crooked smile, red hair, head to toe in tattoos, a disability. But God loves us all the same. He doest care for perfection. He doesn't care for money. He doesn't care what we look like. He loves us all the same. Because when it comes down to it we are all his children. (Or we are all jellybeans.) Later in the day we had a mission presidents devotional. At these they have no one conduct and it's all music from missionaries and testimonies from recent converts. We had 5 testimonies and 6 musical numbers. I went very last right before president and sister Heap bore testimony at the end. Not going to lie I have never sang with so much emotion and felt the spirit so strong whole singing my whole life. I sang an old Irish hymn "be thou my vision and a member played the cello and sister trepanier played the piano. I looked out and many were crying. I turned around after and president and sister stubbs and heap were all in tears. After a man from Congo came up to meand told me in his broken English he is convert. He didnt want to come tonight but felt prompted to come. When i got up to sing he was overcome by the spirit and closed his eyes. He said he listened to the music andfor the first time in while felt the presence of his deceased mother. He said he was in tears the whole song. This experience really taught me something. I wasnt all proud after singing, I don't want to say it was my most amazing performances or Im the best singer. That isn't my point nor do I believe that. Ehat I belive is God blessed me with the ability to sing. And before my mission I used it more for the show part, and less for the spiritual part. On my mission i have realized the influence and power of music. It has the ability to touch even the most hard hearted people. It has the ability to bring the spirit change people. I have been able to use this gift to bare my testimony. To share what I know through music. And i have been able to touch people's lives. I have never been more grateful for this gift then i am right now. The power of music is unreal and so special. Not only my song touched people. The whole meeting was incredible. the spirit was present. And i knew whole heartedly I was exactly where i needed to be. 
I love my mission so much. have leared so many valuable lessons. I can say I have become truly converted. I have left my nets, and the fish and the boat. I have swam to christ. I am feeding his sheep now and for forever, and i will never look back. I love you all. I'm grateful for you all. 
Love always, 
Sister Babb
Kaitlyn.babb@missionary.org7404 Armstrong pl. San Diego CA 92111

1. My love2.bye bye elder Erickson 3.sis hutchinson, dance, trepanier4. Bye pt 25.lil ole me and my outfit of many colors 


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