August 13, 2019


San Diego, Californua, United States


Remands Vehi Heather Hapairai

Listening to the Spirit

Hello all! Another amazing week here in San Diego!
This week we had exchanges which were so fun! I stayed here and Sister Metzner came with me from Ramona. She is from Germany and she is so awesome! We had the best day together. We went finding all day and talked to so many people. We taught a couple really cool lessons! First we had Justin who is a recent convert who was baptized my 2nd transfer and he moved back home this week! So we got to meet with him and talk about how he is. He is doing so good which was so good to here, and we get to keep meeting with him to finish his new member lessons. After we taught  Fernando who was the man we met Monday during our temple shift. We found out that Fernando took Uber on his way home, and he asked his uber driver about the temple as they passed it. Turns out his uber driver was a member and told him all about the temple, and offered to take him right then and there to talk to missionaries knowing we would be there. So we taught him at the temple Wednesday. We talked about the restoration and he was super into it. At the end he told us how he had prayed Monday morning to help him find the truth. That day was when he met the Uber driver, and then us. He told us how he has been to many churches and all of them haven't felt right. He said they all focus on the world, and bring in politics. He loved how our focus is Jesus Christ, and how we can grow closer to him. And that's exactly what the Gospel Of Jesus Christ is. It is all about our personal conversions, and finding Christ for our selves. He moved back home to New York Saturday and agreed to continue the lessons! After we had a couple different people planned to go find. On our way I had the strongest impression to stop at two different members homes. We stopped at both, and at both homes when the mom opened they door they began to cry. We learned that these 2 members had both experienced super hard trials in the last few day days and have really been struggling. And for us to show up at their door and bring the sprit was a tender mercy for them. Such a cool experience for us to meet with these 2 women in different families and share a message about Christ. So glad I listened to those promptings.

We had dinner with a and older couple in our ward the Forbes, and they invited a returning member Kari. It was so cool to see the members doing missionary work, and seeing how much effect it had. Kari is a single women and she got pretty emotional during dinner, and said how she hasn't had a family dinner in years, and she really felt loved. That is what ministering is all about people. The forbes had never met kari prior to this dinner. They simply called her and invited her to dinner, and they changed everything for Kari. Reach out to those in your ward! if you haven't seen someone in a while invite them to lunch! You have no clue what people are going through, and a simple invite could mean so much to them.
Sunday was my favorite day per usual. Sundays on the mission are just incredible. Our family ward was really good! I got asked to play the piano for some sisters in the ward who were singing, and I agreed without knowing the song was 4 flats. Somehow managed to pull it off with a week of practice and was able to play for them during sacrament meeting. The YSA ward was really special. Probably the most spiritual meeting of my whole mission. The whole stake precedency was there as well as the bishopric, and the new one that got called. It was spiritual powerhouse on that stand. The wives of the new and old bishop spoke and the new and old bishop spoke. in between speakers we all stood and sang the spirit of God. The spirit was so strong in the room. I think half the congregation was in tears. It was such a cool moment for me to be apart of.
I seriously love my mission. Every moment of it. There are ups and downs, of course but overall I love it. Best decision I have ever made hands down. I am so grateful for all of your support and love. I feel it. My challenge is for you all to reach out to someone in your ward. Invite them to lunch, or dinner, or a family activity. Get closer to your ward members! It makes such a difference and I know it will bless your life and theirs as well. Have the best week!
Love Always,Sister Babb
7404 Armstrong pl. San Diego CA 92111

Only pic from the week lolLove my comp 


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