August 6, 2019


San Diego, Californua, United States


Remands Vehi Heather Hapairai

I love this!!!

This was such a good week here in San Diego! So many good things have happened. Crazy to me I have a little less 1 year left on My mission! So crazy to me how time is flying here. Just got to enjoy every second of it while I am here!:)
This week we taught Emma against! Shes doing so well! The first lesson we sat down and read from 2 Nephi 3-9 and talked about the doctrine. She has so many good questions, and so many questions I can't answer. We tried our best and it's amazing to see how far she is coming. We helped her to understand faith better, and how we will never know everything. But we can have faith that if we follow christ and his teachings one day we will know. We also taught Susie again! Man I love her. Every time we go over she has a literal tea party set up in her garden out back. She lives in a story book cottage looking home. Its so cute! Susie has been reading from the book of mormon as well, and we studied with her! It's amazing ththe power of the Book of Mormon, and how when we really start to read and study and ponder it our testimonies and faith grow! We have seen that eith so many people including emma and susie. 
Also can we just talk about dogs for a second. IM OBSESSED. literally I've pet so many dogs and let me tell its a great street contact conversation starter. Anyways. Just love them. 
We have the amazing opportunity to do Temple shifts now with our zone! Basiclaly we stand out side the temple for 6 hours once a week about and get to talk to everyone! We did our first one Friday and we talked to almost 200 people! And about 50 of them were non members which was so cool! I love the placement of the San Diego temple. It's right on the free way so everyone can see it, and it draws in many people! We got to work a shift last night from 3-9. It was super slow because its Monday and the temple was closed. So most ththe time it was just us at our booth, and woody the security guy. We still talked to about 50 people, and about 30 were non members. We had a super cool experience where 2 men walked up to us. One was a member and introduced us to Fernando. He had met him 20 minutes early and they began to talk about the temple. He then drove Fernando to the temple knowing missionaries would be there, and brought him to us! Fernadano told us he is trying to figure out what he believes and had beenstruggling, when he decided to pray and not 20 minutes later he met this man on the street who led him to us. We told him about the temple as well as the book of mormon. We gave him one and he was super excited to read! We will meet with him once before he goes back home to New York this weekend. It was such a cool experience for us, and to see gods hand play such a big part in that. We also met a girl named Erin from China. Last week in church. We had this big YSA beach bon fire and she was walking on the beach and people invited her to join. She met the elders there, who last sunday introduced us to her. It was her first time ever at church in her life! We met with her the next day and taught the first lesson, and gave her a book of mormon to read. She has come to all our activities and said she loves it so far! Sunday a member brought a friend named Amy and we taught her the first 3 lessons in short versions which was super cool. Just been a super solid week! 
I seriously love the gospel so much. Something I have been teaching to sister Hutchinson that I love is is the scripture in D&C 18:15. It talks about how great will be our joy if we can bring but one soul unto him. That one soul is us. We csnt teach others if we first aren't converted ourselves. I can truly say I have become 100% converted. I know this church is true with all my heart! I am so grateful for every moment i have had here on my mission. Good and bad. And I'm looking forward to another year of amazing experiences. ❤ 

Love you all so much! 
Love always,
Sister Babb
7404 Armstrong pl. San Diego CA 92111

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