July 30, 2019


San Diego, Californua, United States


Remands Vehi Heather Hapairai

New Transfer!

Hello everyone! Such a great week here in San Diego! 
We had transfers this last week! Sister marinello went back to the battalion and Sister trepanier went to a place called Grossmont. I am follow up training Sister Hutchinson! So it's her 2nd transfer here on the mission. She is so cute! And honestly the biggest blessing. We get along so well! Her last transfer her trainer didnt teach her much so she said this feels like her first transfer, which is a bummer but I'm glad that I get to help her the best that I can! She is from Twinfalls Idaho! 
We visited so many members this week! We also walked A TON. We do a lot of park and walk, so we park somewhere and walk around all day to save our miles. I dont mind walking and we get to see a ton more people on the streets so it was nice! Everyone we are teaching has been out of town this week except Emma. Emma is so awesome! She has really been struggling with the lessons, because she is extremely logical and wants facts and the logic behind it all. Over the weeks we have taught her the importance of faith and how we wont know everything in this life and a lot of things wont make sense. On Sunday we had a regional YSA sacrament meeting, and afterwords Emma came up to us. She was so excited to see us and had the biggest smile one her face. She told us she was happy, and she was feeling something she cant describe. We told her that was the spirit. She lit up, and it was the most amazing thing to see Emma after 5 months recognize what she was feeling. She teared up and gave us the biggest hug. THAT is what this is all about! For moments like those. Helping people find Jesus christ, and helping then to feel JOY. In our last lesson with Emma we talked about the difference between happiness and Joy. There are many things in this life that can make us happy. (like puppies) and many things that can bring us temporary happiness. But nothing in this world can bring us true joy that our Savior Jesus Christ this gospel can bring us. True joy comes from him, and only through him. 
Sunday was the best/longest day ever. We went to our family ward at 9 and after,because we have the regional YSA sacrament there was a regular meeting for ysa at 10:30. Instead they had a special visitors sacrament because this is the church everyone that visits comes to. There was actually 90 people that showed up! Sister Hutchinson spoke! We were the only speakers and had to fill up 40 min. My cute comp took up about 8 minutes, and after the song I was left with about 28 minutes to speak. My talk had enough notes to cover about 10 so I was freaking out a bit inside. I said a prayer to help me through, and the lord provided. I somehow filled the time, and by some miracle managed not to bore the people from talking so long. I talked about fear. There are so many things we fear in this life, but we need to remember we are never alone. I lovd the story of Elisha in 2 kings. Elisha and his small army are completely surrounded. One of his servants says "master what shall we do." (that is fear speaking) and Elisha turns to him and says "fear not, for they that be with us, is far more than they that be with them." Elisha prays to open his servants spiritual eyes and when they are opened he sees chariots of fire, and angles of men surrounding them and surrounded the other army. I talked about how we may not see chariots of fire or armies surrounding us, but when we open up our spiritual eyes we can recognize that we have armies of Angel's and the Lord on our side ALWAYS. As Elder Rasband would say "In the way of the world we may be few in numbers as members of the church, but when our eyes are opened we cal see that they that be with us, are far more than they that be with then."
We did a lot of finding this week. We went park finding and street contacting, and about 9/10 times we got rejected. I used to get frustrated at the fact no one would ever listen, and I would ask God why he would prompt me to go to areas where no one wanted to listen. I've come to understand that got puts us in certain situations and places us in those areas to test us. How will we react? Will I give up and be frustrated that no one wants to talk to me. Or will I want to work harder till I find that one who does? And the fact that everywhere we go we are planting little seeds. And one day those seeds might just grow!
How incredible is this gospel and the knowledge that we have. It truly is such a special thing. I'm so grateful for the knowledge that I have, and i am so beyond grateful i get to be here in San Diego sharing it with the people here. I love my mission! Ive had my bad days and weeks, but I've learned so much from them. I could have given up when it got hard, but I recognized that God put me into those situations to test me, and to help me to grow. 
Thank you all for all you do! You are all amazing! Hope everyone has an amazing week! 
Love Always,Sister Babb 
7404 Armstrong pl. San Diego CA 92111

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