July 9, 2019


San Diego, Californua, United States


Remands Vehi Heather Hapairai

Roller coaster of emotions

We woke up at 4 am to vo the temple temple this morming. And wow. Temples are the biggest blessing ever! I LOVE going to the temlke ❤
Anyways This week has been a roller coaster... literally and figuratively!
Literally because we went to sea world and got to ride all the rides, and it was the weirdest thing ever to be on a mission and at sea world. It was so fun! Sister bishop was so incredibly nice to take us! 
This week was filled with emotions. We so many good days! We did a ton of finding this week which made me so happy. There is nothing better then walking along mission beach talking to strangers about the gospel. I'm known in the mission for talking to everyone! I once picked a flower, and ran across the street to give it to a little girl, and told her how much her father in heaven loved her. Its moments like that I love for! Most people won't hold a conversation with us, but I never leave a convo without letting them know how loved they are. I'm just planting seeds! Here and there and one day that seeds may sprout into something incredible. If I could be out on the streets knocking doors and talking to people I would. Makes me so happy, even when you get a bunch of no's and door slams. 
At first i was frustrated by all the rejection we face here. I was so frustrated that i couldnt place even one book of mormon. I read something that changed my whole perspective. Heavenly father sometimes puts us in area where we will have no success! But he puts us there to see if he can trust us. To see what we will do and how we will react to that rejection. Will we work harder, or will we give up. I know see everything different. My attitude towards finding has flipped completely. Rejection no longer fazes me. I'm planting seeds here and there. And showing my heavenly father I am willing to go wherever and work hard!
The 4th was so fun! We had a ward/community breakfast at the church in the parking lot. They did a flag raising ceremony and had one if the Navy dads in the ward speak. Because a base is here soooo many people are in the military! Someone we have been trying to teach and her husband who Is a returning member showed up! We introduced them to the torbensens and they became instant friends! Its been amazing to see their attitudes about the church change once they had connections with people in the ward. Missionaries can only do so much, the members are sooo important in the process! We got to go to old town and do service with a bunch of missoknaries which ead super cool! Old town is amazing! At the end of the day we went to bishop wings house and he had a huge party with a bunch of families In the ward. We ate and talked with members and people non member friends, and i killed the young men in spike ball. Guess  all those spike ball tournaments from Spanish class in high school are paying off haha. We met a man named Wilbert there. He is everyone's mail man and he is from Austria. He was hilarious! We keep running into him on the streets cause hes out delivering mail, and one day I'm certain he will come to church! We after went to sister Peter's and ate AGAIN and watched the fireworks. She loves at the top of PB on a big hill that over looks the city. Not gonna lie, a little disappointed in San diegos fireworks, made me miss Utah haha. But can't complain it was still amazing. 
After the 4th everything just went down hill. One of my companions mentally shut down, and hasnt come back since. It's been really rough trying to figure out how to help my two companions. A lot of patience and love has had to happen,and it has been very challenging. At times I've felt alone, but I know I'm not. In those times I turn to prayer, and I feel so much peace and reassurance that we are never ever alone. This has been the most challenging month of my missions. Theres been times I've wanted to give up, but I remind my self of why I am still here, and who I am doing this for. I'm doing this for my heavenly father. For the one who had given me life and a purpose. Who has given me so much.  
Friday was so cool though! President gave me permission to go to lunch with my brother tyler and his family! I was super worried I will be sad, or homesick. But not going to lie it was the boost I needed, it reminded me of how much I do need to be here. Yes I miss my family and friends but they will be there when I get back. For now my focus is here. My focus is the people and helping people become converted to christ. I seriously love my mission. I have never felt as much joy as I have while serving the people here in San Diego. I love you all so much! You are all amazing! Have an amazing week! 
Love always,
Sister Babb

7404 Armstrong PlSan Diego CA 92111-4912United State

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