June 25, 2019


San Diego, Californua, United States


Remands Vehi Heather Hapairai

Trust in Him

Hey everyone! Dont got much time today so I'll make this one short!
This week was tough one again. One I got an acid reflex problem. I had this problem last fall and let me tell ya, its miserable. Any time anything goes into my body, it comes out. We were able to still work hard this week, but It was extremely hard because I couldnt eat anything! We got me some medicine so hopefully I get better soon, for now I'm living off apple sauce and plain bread! Such a good time. 
We added a guy name Nico this week, and we are hoping to put him on date soon! We taught him the restoration and he had some questions but he said this is something he really feels good about which is awesome! The thing I love that's a focus is every individual and their conversion is soooo important. Someone being baptized is just as important as someone who is already a member who had fallen away, and helping them to come back. Numbers dont matter, its helping the individual person come closer to christ! 
 we got to go to the beach! The only exception for any missionary during the summer to go if its your area, and you can go on the sand if it's for a ward event. And our family ward has FHE once a month where each family brings their own dinner, and they all just eat and play games, surf, and have a fire. It was so fun! The heaps brought us dinner, and then we played baseball and soccer with the kids. 
Some days it's hard to keep going, but I am trusting in my heavenly father and that there is something he wants me to learn from this experience. It's always good for me to remember what is keeping me here on a mission, and that right now is my love for the gospel, and my love for the people. I love my mission so much, and it's been the most amazing experience. Deffinetly the hardest thing I've ever done, but for sure the best. And I know I could not do it without my savior Jesus Christ. Because of him, I can do this. And if I rely on hin, he can help me through this. Same goes for all of you. When lifes beating down on you, realize you dont have to do it alone! You have your savior who loves you so much, and he wants to help you. He's extending his arm out, and all you have to do it grab hold and let him help. I love you all so much, your prayers are so appreciated. Have the best week ever! ❤

Love always,
Sister Babb

7404 Armstrong PlSan Diego CA 92111-4912United State
1. Circuit boy #2 (I'm not suppose to touch him but both him and his mom got mad at me for standing there soooo)2.kiah the scooba cute comps and bishop Wing


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