June 18, 2019


San Diego, Californua, United States


Remands Vehi Heather Hapairai

There ain't just 2 no more!

Well everyone. This had been the most emotionally exhausting week of my whole mission. It's been so hard. But still keeping my head up, and I'm reminded every day about how much I have to be grateful for.
Last Tuesday sister Trepanier (Trep- On-Yay) got to the mission. She is a two transfer missionary which means she came straight from home rather then the MTC. No prior training...nothing. she didnt say much the first night. She wouldn't answer my questions, and just wanted to sleep so I let her be. The next day 2 days was additional trainings and she wouldn't talk to or look at anyone. We would get back to the apartment and I would try to talk to her and she would say absolutely nothing. After the last training we got in the car and I asked her how she felt. She just said to me she was going to go home. I had no clue what to say to that. So we called president Stubbs and met with him. We were at the mission office all day that day while she met with him. Yes I broke down. I cried and felt like a complete failure at my training. Sister Stubbs and president Stubbs sat me down and I asked why. Out of all the missionaries who are far more experienced, Why did they choose me to train this particular person. There answer was so simple. President said if any missionary were to make her happy and be able to handle this unique experience,  it would me. We talked for quite a while, and we had concluded she would be going home the next morning. We drove back to the apartment and I made her talk to me about how she felt. I talked for the next hour and told her all the advice I could possibly think of. I bore my testimony, told her I loved her, and I would be willing to help her through this and told her I would leave the room and told her  to pray. The next morning she came to me and told me she had decided to stay. Something I said that night hit her, and after praying she knew she had to stay. A switch flipped that day. she was not the same sister I knew. She was completely different. Her attitude completely changed. She smiled, we laughed, and we got to know each other a little. She still goes quiet for most the day, but it's better then it was. The next morning I received another call from president. This one shocked me even more. He was having an emergency transfer take place and a third Sister, Sister Marinello would be joining us in a trio. Which i am soooo grateful for. I have someone that i know and and who actually talks.she iswith us though because she is unhappy and struggling and needs someone to help her be happy. So we spent the whole day trying to make it so we can fit 3 beds and 3 desks into our room. It's so bad hahaha our beds are all squished in one room with zero space to walk. To get to the bed on the end you have to crawl over the other two beds. Its tight haha but it works. Anyways president said he us only doing this to me cause he knows i can handle it. And i know there is something i can learn from this. It's been so so hard. But I've already grown so much this week. And i actually have liked being in a trio! Sister marinello was in my district last transfer. She is so cute! She is from Italy, and has a super stong accent. English is her 2nd language. She is a mormon battalion sister and this is her outbound transfer. So she is only with me for a transfer. 
Even though it has been hard, we have done a lot of good. We visited soooo many members this week! There is this lady name Janeth from Honduras who is currently staying with the Neri family in our ward. She had 3 kids. Janeth fled from Honduras with her kids because of terrible circumstances. By some miracle a women in our ward came across her at immigration on the boarder and sawthe small children and decided to take them in. She speaks zero English. We reached out to them and took the Spanish elders over to meet her. It was such a big blessing to them because sister Neri doest speak Spanish so they communicate with Google translate. So Saturday they taught her English and then we all ate dinner. Yesturday we went again and ate and shared a message and played baseball with the kids. I was shocked at the fact I reaactually sbke to communicate with then and understand most of what they said. Guess all those years of Spanish actually are paying  off mom! It was a very humbling experience being with those kids and hearing their story. We are all really super blessed.
Coolest thing happened Sunday. We were in Sacrament and my comps were in the stand cause they were speaking. Our stake president sent me a text and said to step into the hall. I'm not suppose to leave my companions, but he said it was urgent so to come. So I stepped out and a man was standing there. He introduced himself asnicole. Nico shook my hand and said, "Hi I'm Nico, I want to be baptized." I was shocked! Like what! This doesn't happen! It was so cool! So many miracles have happend here! 
It's been a tough week for sure, but I've learned a lot. I'v been able to get through it through lots of prayer and trust in my heavenly father, and knowing there is something i can learn from this. I really have loved my mission. The good the bad, and the ugly. I've learned so much and my testimony continues to grow every day. I hope you all know that you are loved. By me, and by your heavenly father and our savior jesus christ. There Is nothing in this life we have to do alone, because of him. Hope you all have a great week! 
Love always,

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