June 11, 2019


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Remands Vehi Heather Hapairai

I'm the mom now

Well per usual it another amazing week her in La Jolla! 
Wednesday was so fun! I taught all of the scouts and sister Hapairai how to play soccer! We did a bunch if drills and ended with a scrimmage. The torbensen boys are super good at soccer so they helped us out. The kids loved it, and it was so cool to get to know the little kids. This week we had a lot of good lessons! We met with Susie again who was someone we were teaching my first transfer that we had to drop because she wasnt progressing. We showed up at the door and had realized we had nothing prepared, so we said a prayer and then knocked on her door. We sat down and i still had zero clue what we were going to talk about. I had my scriptures sitting in front of me and I had a little sticky note i had placed a few weeks prior, and I had the thought to turn to it. So I did, and it was 2 Nephi 31 which talks about why we have to be baptized! Sister Whitaker and I had already shared this with her, but I felt like we should read it. So we read through with susie and talked about baptism and why it is so important. Well long story short by the end of the lesson, Susie's thoughts on baptism had totally changed, and after her being taught for almost a year we committed her to baptism! So amazing, and I am so happy for her! 
Since it was sister hapairai last week we had lots of goodbye dinners! The pews took us to P.F. Changes on Friday night! They spoil us here for sure. Saturday we had Justin's baptism which went super well. Literally the night before we had to change the time and we had 2 ysa members from the whole ward that could make it. We had to pray for a miracle....and it happened! People i didnt even invite from our family ward showed up, ysa members were able to get work off, and we had a super good turn out! It was such an amazing baptism and I am so beyond happy for justin!
Monday was transfer doc day, so as a zone we do work out time, make breakfast, and open the doc. Sister hapairai taught everyone a zumba dance and it was the funnest/funniest thing ever. The elders were so in to it I was literally crying it was so funny. We do this thing called fantasy transfers  and we all guess what is going to happen for the transfer. Well to our surprise,and probably the whole missions surprise EVERYTHING got changed. There is only 5 people staying in our zone this transfer! Me being one of them. I am so sad all the people getting transferred out. We all become such good friends! And even more to my surprise I AM TRAINING. WHAT!? I have literally been on my mission 3 months and i am already training hahaha. And even better she is something we call a two transfer missionary, which basically means its a test trial to see if she actually wants to serve a mission. So she comes straight from her house to me. No prior training, no background of being a missionary, does know the lessons, or anything that you learn in the mtc. And...its up to me to teach her all that, and try and help her to want to serve a mission! If the 2 transfers go well she had the chose to either go home or continue a mission, where she will recieve an official call and head to the mtc. Ya no pressure or anything Haha. The AP's talked to me about it and I asked "why me" out of all the very qualified more experience missionaries. Why me!? Their answer was so shortand simple. President must trust me! Man I am so excited to train but what! I've been here such a short time and i have to teach her so much! Good thing I dont have to do it alone! Heavenly fathers got my back! And i get to be a mom. IM HAVIN MY FIRST BABY! Heck ya I am the mom now! We pick her up tonight! 
The families are so amazing and have been so amazing this transfer. The torbensens gave us the cutest matching necklaces that day La jolla! I love all the families here, and they have become my family. I'm guaranteed 3 more months here which is crazy. That's 6 months here, and president mentioned i may stay even longer. Can't even imagine leaving this area. it will be so hard, the people havhave become family.
I am so grateful to be a missionary and be able to preach the Gospel of Jesus christ every single day to the people of San diego. My testimony is stronger then it has ever been, and it is growing every single day! So grateful to be here! Love you alland i hope you have the most amazing week ever! And happy fathers day on Sunday to all the fathers! Especially my 2 older brothers. Love you both! Such amazing dads. And especially my dad. I love you more than words can describe. I'm grateful for you example to me, and father you are. Love you dad!
Love always, 
Sister Babb

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