June 4, 2019


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Remands Vehi Heather Hapairai

I hate bugs!

This week was so good! 
We had some really good lessons! Justin gets baptized this Saturday! We are so excited for him. So crazy we only met him a few weeks ago and to see how much he has changed and progress over the last few weeks is amazing. 
I'm so dumb once again haha.we keep finding so many spiders and nasty bugs in our apartment (mainly the bedroom) and Saturday night i was so fed up I got the ant/roach spray and went rogue and sprayed every corner and the room was so filled with fumes we couldnt breath. At this point it was like 11 and we were both so bugged we literally grabbed our beds and moved them to the living room and we slept there. She was so paranoid she was half on my bed the whole night hahaha. I woke up in the morning and her arm was over me. It was really an eventful night go say the least. Also we found the cutest matching unicorn pjs at Walmart for $5 soooo OF COURSE WE HAD TO BUY THEM. soooooooo cute!

We had zone conference on Wednesday and Elder Whiting of the seventy came and gave us training. It was so amazing! Something I loved he talked about was how everything on your mission, and in your life comes down to what you want. YOU determine your success! I asked my self these questions: what manner of women am I becoming? What will I be after my mission? We then talked about good better best and and engaging in self improvement always. We get to wake up every morning and choose. Choose who you are going to be. He said to have the attitude of "Today is the 1st day of the rest of my mission." Have that attitude, every day in life is a new day and we can decide to be better every single day! Ya know the only difference between laman and Nephi, was Nephis desire. That is what it comes down to! Our personal desire and what and who we want to be. 
Sunday was so amazing as always. I love sundays on the mission, the spirit is always so strong. I loved the topic this week how as members of the church we aren't meant to blend in, we are born to stand out! It's weird this is my last week with sister Hapairai. The beginning of the transfer was so hard, and we haven't always got along. But this last week we have come to be such good friends, and I'm actually way sad shes leaving. I drop her off at the airport next Wednesday to head back to temple square. So if anyone goes up to salt lake be sure to find her and say hello! It's really amazing to me how close we have gotten with the members, as well as the youth. They are always wanting to be with us, so their parents are always inviting us over for meals or lessons. A couple of the youth expressed how they have been struggling, but said whenever they are around us they always feel so happy, and its caused them to want to change and some even said they have thought about serving then selves! Ahhhhhh it's so cool! I love being a missionary! Its so amazing to see how many lives we can touch and change by simply sharing our testimonies. Man I  love it. 
Something we have continued to focus on is the book of mormon this week. It is literally the source of all our testimonies, the book is everything. And when we share our testimonies it needs to be real, and relatable. So I thought for the rest of my email I would just share my testimony of the book of mormon that i wrote in my journal this week. 
May 30th 2019,
What does the book of mormon mean to me? The book of mormon is everything. President Nelson's questions comes to mind. Where would I be without the book of mormon? What would I not have? Who would I be? It really is everything to me. It's the source of my testimony. It teaches me about my purpose and why I am here. It gives me hope. It has taught me forgiveness and the pure love of christ. Repentence is talked about constantly throughout the entire book. Without repentence and the knowledge of the Atonment of Jesus Christ the book brings I would be lost! It is proof Christ lives, my Heavenly Father lives, and that he loves me. It is proof Jospeh Smith is a prophet of God and he did indeed restore this amazing gospel, and proof we still have a loving prophet today who is called of God who leads and guides this church. There hasnt been one time I have read the Book if Mormon and not felt peace. The book is literally the word of God. It teaches me all I must do to get back to him, and about the marvelous Plan of happiness. Its chapters and versus have so many messages and words of great comfort and hope. When i read with real intent and ask questions, I revelation and I come to know my Savior and my father in Heaven so much better. It is my guide to life, it is my "Game plan." It is why I am here on my mission, and why I am able to have hope on those days I feel down.It's the back bone of not only our religion, but to my life. It's what keeps me going, what has made me strong. The Book of Mormon is everything to me. Everything. 
Love always, 
Sister Babb

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