May 28, 2019


San Diego, Californua, United States


Remands Vehi Heather Hapairai

3 months?

Ok what the heck? I've been out 3 months already? So weird times flying! Only 2 more weeks with sister happy and she leaves me...and then I get my 4th companion! Hopefully I get this one a little longer haha. It's been such a great week here! The suns out, the weather is literally perfect, and the work is great!
I haven't really told about my area so I thought I would explain. So in my area we cover 2 wards. The SD 7th family ward, and the la Jolla ysa. We cover a huge area! We cover La Jolla, Pacific Beach, Clairmont, Mission beach, and Linda Vista! Last week we went finding a bunch in Linda Vista. Its completely opposite of la jolla. You feel like you are in another country...not even exaggerating. It's such an amazing area though, it's mostly Latinos.  PB is probably my favorite area to go. It's the cutest town! The houses are adorable and everyone is always walking around with their dogs, and because I love dogs I always stop them and ask to pet the dog. Always a great conversation starter! Mission beach is also amazing cause all the houses are either along the beach and we have to walk on the board walk to the front door, or they are along the bay. GORGEOUS. We cant go to either of those places on the weekends cause it gets too touristy and at night the areas get kinda wack. La Jolla Is basically all really big houses with gates, and everyone there is rich. But there is a small part called Bird Rock and it's so stinken cute! It's right on the beach and it has all these super cute shops and restaurants. If you ever come to San Diego definitely go there. So ya that sums up my area! Such a great place!
Friday was such a good day! We had our last morning beach walk till labor day cause of the rule! So our whole zone went and it was so fun! At the end of the day we had dinner with Manti Te'o and his girlfriend Jovi and his roommate Brandon Wallace! It was sooooo fun! They made the best poly food! Manti is the funniest person ever Haha. When we shared our message he was so emotional. Such a big tough guy, but also such a softy. Also he had like 150 pairs of Nike shoes! Like what on earth! He has a big thing in his garage of shoes, 6 boxes, and his whole room is filled. He even gave Brandon 13 pairs. Man perks of NFL I guess. It was so cool to here his testimony though. He is one of the most humble people I've ever met. The first thing you see when you walk Into his apartment is a huge picture of the temple. Then when you turn there is a huge picture of Christ. They told us they did that so when guest walk in, they immediately know what they are about. I thought that was super cool!
We were out finding this week and we knocked on the Gregory's door! They are the nicest people! They invited us in and we talked for a while. She is not a member and her husband has been inactive for 30 years. It's sad because you can see he wants the church and the gospel in his life, but his wife is so against it. They love the missionaries though so we will keep visiting and fellow-shipping them and hope we can soften her heart one day! Brother and sister Torbensen showed up at our apartment Saturday night with a piano! Yes they gave us a piano! They said we can have it until I leave the area. Literally so nice! We are so spoiled out here with the members. They really so take such good care of us. 
Sunday was soooo good! We sang come thou fount/ if you could high to Kolob in the 7th ward! And then in the YSA sister Hapairai spoke, and then we sung Rebel heart. It was so fun to sing with her, and to share with the 2 wards our testimonies through song. The families love it when we sing for them. Really such a great way to bring the spirit. Later in the day went to come follow me at the pews with a bunch of the YSA. I really loved the topic this week! I shared a talk by Uchtdorf called "On being genuine." Uchtdorf talked about how the church us not a automobile show room--a place to put yourself on display so others can admire our spirituality or prosperity. Rather it's a service center where vehicles needs repair, maintenance or rehab. Aren't we all in need of repair,maintenance, and rehabilitation? Its so true! We don't need to worry about what others think about us! It's all between us, and our heavenly father. He doesn't care about what we have or don't have, or what we look like. He only cares about the desires of our hearts. Christ was the most accomplished man to ever walk the earth, yet he was the most humble. His single purpose was to serve his father in heaven. And that is the example we need to follow. 
Monday was a really good day as well! We spent a few hours with president and sister Stubbs! We were supposed to have an interview with someone we are teaching but they never showed up. So we got to talk to them for a while which was super nice! We taught Justin and set details for his baptism next week! He is super awesome I'm so excited for him! 
When we went to the temple a couple weeks ago one of the workers told us this story and I thought I would share it. It has been raining quite a bit here the last couple months. The temple had a leak that went right into the Celestial room. They went in to repair it and they had to used tar to fill in the holes. One of the over night workers was in the celestial room cleaning in the middle of the night, and herd a voice tell her to cover the celestial room in tarps. She thought that sounded crazy to grab a bunch of tarps and cover the celestial room, but she listened to the prompting and proceeded to cover the room with tarps. In the morning when the temple workers were getting ready to open the temple, they walked in and the tarps were filled with black tar! If the lady had not put the tarps down, the white celestial room would have been destroyed with black tar and taken months to repair and redo the room. But this women listened to the spirit and acted in faith, and managed to save the room. The only repair needed was painting the ceiling where the tar dripped.  How incredible is that!? Sometimes we ignore those little voices in our head that tell us to do things. But we need to learn to listen! 
Anyways, I hope everyone has an amazing week this week! Thank you for all your love and support! You are all amazing! 
Love always,
Sister Babb
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