May 21, 2019


San Diego, Californua, United States


Remands Vehi Heather Hapairai

I love the BOM!

Hello everyone! Such a great week here! Lots of fun/amazing things happened here!
Guess what! I'm a clutz! So remember how I broke my face? I also destroyed my toe hahaha. We were just walking along yesturday and I'm wearing my cute tevas, and i tripped and my toe got caught on something and...Blood everywhere. But thank goodness we were right by a members home and she took care of me and gave me some juice. So all is well haha.

Last Wednesday Daisy was baptized! It was such a special night. Monique from our YSA who was a fellowshiper for daisy spoke about the baptism and daisy looked at me and started balling. After she was baptized she came out with the biggest smile on her face, came to me and said she felt incredible! With special permission she was then confirmed the holy ghost by one of our Elders, Elder Erickson. Daisy bore her testimony after and she talked about change and repentence, and how this is something she has looked forward to for a long time. I'm so happy for daisy, she is such a special person. After the baptism we went to young women's and young men's and we were in charge of the activity. We collected bunch of mini book of mormons and made comfort copies! Basiclaly a book of mormon with tabs with marked scriptures and amazing quotes to go along with it. The youth loved it! It was such a fun activity!
Thursday we had exchanges! Sister Nufer was with me for the day! We taught Askia about temples and familys! My heart broke when we found out he can't be baptized, but he is so willing to wait and be patient because it's something he really wants. We had to say goodbye to daisy for a couple months cause she leftfor her internship in Tennessee which was sad, but im pumped for her. After we had dinner at our stake presidents, president walton. We had a super solid day. We worked extremely hard. At the end of the day we did an evaluation, and sister nufer couldnt think of one thing to improve on other then my driving! Lol. She said she couldnt believe I have only been out 3 months. When she asked how I'm doing it, and i told her I took "forget yourself and go to work" to heart. When I'm down, homesick, tired, frustrated, I realize I'm really not here for my self and I pick my self up and get to work! That is how I find joy in this! Ya know some days are hard, but days like that day remind me why I am here. 
We exchanged back in the morning and we had to go straight to the dentist for my teeth check up. Everything is healing great, but my teeth are still super loose so I cant eat anything to hard. They out this syrum on my gums.. IT HURT SO BAD. I teared up. But it helped so much! Sister hapairai must have eaten something bad cause she got so sick! So we stayed in most the day and she slept. It gave me such a great opportunityto study, and I made like 5 extra comfort copies. Later in the day we went to dinner with our senior couple the Pews, then we decided to drop by the Torbensens and give them the comfort copies I made. I bore my testimony in each of themand personalized then for each of the kids. Josie,jaxen,jenna, and Jaden. They are 12, 15, 18, and 20. They have become family. They loved the books! We shared a message about the importance of the book! It really is such a special, powerful book. I hope you all take time to read it! It brings so much joy into our lives!
Two missionaries Gavin heap and Joseph Carrol got home from their missions and Saturday night had a big party and the golf course. It was the best thing for missionaries like us because literally the whole ward was there, plus a bunch of non members. So we got to talk to Everyone! Not even kidding I think we hit every single person at the party! It was do awesome! The next morning they both spoke, and man they were incredible missionaries. Also this week me and sister hapairai found the best way to share our testimonies! MUSIC! we learned a couple songs while i play the piano and we sing. We do it for any family with a piano! It's such an amazing way to share our testimonies!
A couple weeks ago i mentioned sister Whitaker had her "family" from her mission. It was in her first area, and they took her in and made her feel at home. They told me I would find my family on the mission. Well... I think I found my family! The torbensens are incredible and completely took us in. They take us to cafe rio every Monday night! Sometimes they drive us in their Tesla Haha. God really has blessed us with amazing families and people here who help us feel at home and really take care of us.they offered to give us there piano yesturday haha. Man I seriously am loving my mission! I'm getting stronger and better every day in so many ways (except my body lol. TOO MANY COOKIES) I LOVE this gospel so much! Being a missionary is amazing! My challenge this week is to just read the book of mormon inthe mornings! Every single day! Even if it's just a verse. I know it will guide all of you and help bring you closer you your heavenly father. Anyways i love you all! Have the best week! 
Love always, 
Sister Babb
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