May 14, 2019


La Jolla


Remands Vehi Heather Hapairai

My face is broken

Well another amazing week here in the great San Diego mission! Don’t have much time so I'll make this one short!
We all know I'm the clumsiest human alive. So first...I found out yesterday when I was showering that I have been washing my body with conditioner ever since I got to San Diego.  Ask me how I didn't realize it wasn't soap? Ya NO CLUE! 2nd dumb moment. I broke my face yesterday. We were playing tennis with the Elders in the morning around 6:20, and I was laying on the ground cause I was tired. The ball was in the air coming towards me so I lifted my racket without thinking, stood up and threw as hard as I could in the air in attempt to hit the ball. What I didn't realize was my racket was upside down so the handle was pointing towards my face, and I thrusted it so hard up it hit into my chin and my tooth went through my gum. I fell to the ground and blood was EVERYWHERE. My teeth are throbbing, my chin is all cut up, and a huge chunk of my gums is missing. I had to go to the dentist and get my self fixed all better Haha. What a day! I also have been sick all week! I got sick last p-day and I had to stay in for a couple days cause I was throwing up. 
Other then that we have had another really good week here! Daisy finished her lessons and had her interview so she is all set for her baptism tomorrow! We are so excited for her. She bore her testimony to us and she was bawling. She is such an amazing person! The lessons are amazing and all the people we are teaching have been progressing so much! Askia had to move his baptism to another week which was sad, but its ok! It will happen! 

Colton and Courtney got married Friday so I got to talk to them! So amazing to be able to watch then walk out of the temple. So blessed we get to call home now. It was super hard missing the wedding, but it reminded me so much of why I am here, and really what is keeping me here. A Mission is definitely the hardest thing I have ever done. But I love it more than anything! There is no place I'd rather be. The lessons I've learned and experiences I have had are life changing. Today I got to go to the Tempke for the first time here and do a session. The San Diego Temple is so incredible! It was such a special experience. We woke up at 4:30 and went to the early session. When we cane out of the Celstial room, the Sealing rooms are right there. It was so great, I got to see where my older brother, Tyler, was married. Man it was so good! So worth walking up so early. Anyways I love my mission, I love my Heavenly Father, and I love this Gospel! Everyone have the best week! I love you all❤ Love always,
-Sister Babb

7404 Armstrong PlSan Diego CA 92111-4912United State

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