April 30, 2019


San Diego, Californua, United States


Sister Whitaker

Transfer 2!!!

Hello hello!Another great week here in San Diego! Cant believe I have already been out 2 months! Times flying! 
Alright Im gonna get real with you all for a second. Truthfully, this is the hardest thing I have ever done. There are moments I want to give up, give in, throw in the towel and say I am done. Theres moments I ask my self what the heck I'm doing, and moments of inadequacy. This last Wednesday was probably the hardest day on my mission so far. I felt all of that. For the first time I thought about what I was missing at home. My brothers wedding, a new baby in the family, so many things. I went into the bathroom during district council and fell into my knees in the stall and pleaded to heavenly father. Why am I here, what am I doing, if this is thy will help me. I sat there in the bathroom balling. Thoughts of before my mission came flooding into my head. And a voice came into my head saying "you can do this, you know why you are here, you are stronger then you could ever imagine. Now get up and go to work and it will all work out."I stood up, wiped my tears and went into district council and taught the best training I've ever given. The spirit was so strong. It was such a blessing for me. Heavenly father truly does see us and know us so individually. He knows how we feel, and he is willing to help if you just reach out to him. I realized at the end of the day how grateful I truly am for my heavenly father. I have seen so many miracles since I have been out here, and truly seen his hand in my life. I LOVE MY MISSION!

Thursday we had brunch with tim again! It was so bad as usual Haha. That poor guy cant cook to save his life, but we love him. As I was leaving tim looked me up and down and said "sister Babb you need some color in your life!" And he then handed me his purple/sparkly teal mermaid nail polish and told me they better be painted next time he saw me. Y'all know I dont paint my nails and especially bright colors, so this was hard for me. But I did it for tim! 
My last day with sister Whitaker was Friday! It was probably my favorite day on my mission so far! We spent the whole day finding! We talked to anyone and everyone we saw. We went to our favorite ice cream shop called Mr. Frostys and after had Friday forum (lunch) with ysa! After that we did even more finding! For dinner we went to the beach and watched the sun set and talked about her leaving. Then we went with our recent convert Holly to get frozen yogurt! It was such a solid day, reminded me how truly blessed i was to have her as a trainer. She made us work extra hard, she kept me in line, and really carved the path for the rest of my mission. That night my new comp came Sister Hapairai! It is pronounced like Ha-Paday but role the R. She is so cute! She is from Tahiti and is a temple square sister so I only get her for this one transfer. Kinda sucks cause my training was only 6 weeks long rather than 12, so I'm kinda just being thrown into it. English is her 3rd language so she sometimes struggles. It's been really hard cause I'm having to step up and lead. I'm basically training her! She is having a superhard time adjusing and has been really sad, so it's been alot of trying to help her. l do all the talking and planning. But it's been a really good learning experience. really forcing me to step up! And the last 3 days I really have had to! But shes amazing, such a sweet girl. I love her so much already! 
We are currently teaching 10 people! God really is blessing us over here. And guess what!? Every single one is a..MEMBER REFERRAL! I cant stress it enough how important the members are in this work! We need your help! We have 3 people on date to be baptized now! We just had a new one yesturday! Her names Daisy and she is so cute! I love how close I am coming to be with the people we are teaching as well as the members. Sunday and Monday we had dinner with the Mansurs, and the Torbensens. They both took us right in and made me feel so at home. They both have kids right around our age so we have made real friendships which I love! I cant even tell you all how much I love it here! Yes i have my hard days, but we all do! Heavenly father is willing to help us through the hard days if we simply ask. 
Come follow me this week one of the stories we study is the parable of the good samaritan. I challenge you all to watchthe new video on it and think about how you can reach out to others. Then this week I want you all to reach out to someone in a small way. It is never convenient for you to go out of your way to serve others, but as we do we can feel so much joy and love for those you serve as well for your self! I love you all so much! Have the best week!
Love always,
Sister Babb

7404 Armstrong PlSan Diego CA 92111-4912United State

1.our cute battalion sisters2.Sis. Hapairai3.Mr. Frosties for the win!4.Brunch in the hallway with TIm5.The Craptacular Car6.Weekly 6 am beach walk with Sister Pew



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