April 23, 2019


San Diego, Californua, United States


Sister Whitaker


Hello all! Another amazing week! My last few days with Sister Whitaker . So bitter sweet. But I'm alive, I'm doing so well, and I am soooooo happy!
Well p-day was the most interesting day. The Elders somehow convinced Sister Whitaker and I to play D&D (Dungeons and Dragons.) I felt like a complete nerd... and will say nothing further about that experience. We had dinner that night with the Smith's who are a part member family. They invited their neighbors over for dinner. It was a very interesting dinner!everyone was a non-member except sister Smith and towards the end they all asked very deep questions about doctrine and History of the BOM and really just wanted proof to all our answers. It is so hard because there is some literal evidence, but when It comes to the Gospel you really just have to have a strong faith, then everything starts piecing together. We can't just rely on sure evidence, but they couldn't rap their heads around it. 
We got to have dinner this week with the Senior couple the Pew's in our YSA ward! They took us to this amazing restaurant in Delmar. It was right on the beach. They feel like my mom and dad out here. They never fail to always have my favorite coconut Popsicle in the freezer, a bowl of nutella and pretzels just for me at the institute, update on the masters lol, and most importantly show us pure love. Never fail to really make me feel at home. Don't worry mom I'm well taken care of here!
A really cool experience the next day, We had our very first lesson with a member referral Askia. We taught him about the restoration and at the very end I invited him to be Baptized and He said yes! I was so nervous because it was my first time asking anyone but it went super well! He's on date for next month! Also Wednesday we go to take Holly to the temple to do baptisms her very first time! It was a really cool experience, and one of the members had like 50 names so sister Whitaker and I got to do them too! Was a really amazing experience. 
Sister Whitaker had departures Friday so I got to go spend the day with sister Ellis and sister Mathis! It was so fun to spend the day with the old comp. We had the best day of service and finding! The next day we had a service project at this ladies house and oh my word. I thought I was going to die. We all did actually. There was weeds every square inch that were about to my nose. Then a mountain. (Literally) of all sorts of junk, a beat up car, caved in sheds. We pulled all the weeds, we were covered in dirt and bugs, and had to move the junk to the side of the yard.  everything was soaked from rain,  falling apart, moldy, covered in webs, and she wanted to keep it all! She said one man's junk is another man's treasure. Like I was going to throw a cap to a water bottle away and she yelled at me and said it went to something! Yeah I don't know. strange experience but it was good! Gotta love service!
We are currently teaching 7 people all in the YSA! So the work is really coming a long here! We work super hard every day, and the lord is really blessing us. Also know who my new comp is! I found out earlier then everyone... here is why. President called and said since he trusts me, my 12 week training is cut into 6 and I am now done being trained. And..... I'm training a temple square sister!!! Shes only here for one transfer with me! Her name is sister Heperai? (idk how to spell it) shes from Tahiti! So I'm pumped she is coming Saturday since sister Whitaker is leaving a few days early! 
  This week i learned more about Christ then i have my entire life. I have always loved Easter, but I have come to appreciate it and love it so much more now I'm on a mission. I really got to study and learn and reflect on the savior. Figure out who he truly is to me. I think of the perfect life he had, and he gave it up for me. And for each of you. I love the savior. He is my redeemer, my brother, and my best friend. Because of him ALL is possible. We can be with our families for ever! We can have happiness and joy in this life. He can lift our burdens. He is with us through everything, all it takes is us reaching out to him. Man I love Easter and the gospel. SO GOOD. This week my challenge is to just reflect on Easter! Think about Christ and the sacrifice he made! I love you all! Have the best week!
Love always,
-Sister Babb
7404 Armstrong PlSan Diego CA 92111-4912United State

1. WOW2.qt (don't mind the hair, it was a rough day lol)3.biggest house ive ever seen4.zoomed out view. WOW5.Dinner with the Pews6.WOW


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