April 16, 2019


San Diego, Californua, United States


Sister Whitaker


It was another amazing week here in SD! Great weather, great lessons taught, lots of service, new people we are teaching!
 Man I can't get over La Jolla. It is so freaken pretty here! I am still in awe every morning when I walk out side and see the ocean. Truely am so blessed to serve here. 
 This week was a week full of firsts! Thursday we did some service for Lilian who is a 94 year old hoarder.  Just imagine a home filled floor to ceiling of junk. She asked us to clean for her, and I moved a box and a million bugs came crawling out from underneath. Spider webs were everywhere, bugs crawling out of every crack and item of her home. Really such a great time. After she made us hold hands when we gave a prayer, and we each had to say something in the prayer. Really Interesting to say the least Haha. Sunday we had dinner with a family in the ward named the Ward's, and I had my first artichoke. Succulents are everywhere here in California so at first I thought it was decoration. Nope! you eat it. So I ate a whole artichoke. Everyone was laughing at me cause I had NO clue how to eat one. The little girl literally had to come over and demonstrate and then basically feed it to me.  Very interesting food haha. Also I became the designated driver so I have to now drive us everywhere and it has been stressful! San Diego traffic is a nightmare! I am so lucky to have my area on the beach. Starting on Memorial day to labor day no missionaries are aloud near the beach because of tourist season. But since It is my area I can! 
We are teaching lots of people right now! We met with Anis this last week and he is going to get baptized may 4th! He is so awesome and were so excited how good he is progressing! We also started teaching 2 more people which were both member referrals. Just shows how important the members are! Every single one of the people were are currently teaching have come from member referrals! So if you aren't already, do member missionary work! Help the missionaries, refer your friends, invite your friends! Because we really do rely on the members so much. Something we talked about in our family ward coordination is members inviting their friends. We challenge the ward missionaries to get 4 people to say no this week. Yes we want you to get 4 people to say no! That way you don't have the pressure of hoping someone will say yes! . I know it seems silly but we just want everyone to be inviting people, because that is our job as members. To invite! And it is totally ok if they turn you down. 
We did so much finding this week. Saturday we were out walking and knocking from 11-6 with a 15 minute ice cream break in between. Long day but we worked so hard so it felt really good. Friday night was probably one of my favorite nights here on the mission. Sister Whitaker and I went and got subway and ate it on the beach at Mission beach. We sat there and talked about life, and goals and what her next step is since she ls leaving. Then we got funnel cakes and drove home. It was such a fun night, and It really made me realize how much I will miss her. She really has taught me so much and has been the best Mom I could have asked for. 
I already mentioned the video He lives a few weeks ago that talks about Easter, but we have been sharing it with all the families in the ward and I think the message is so so important. This entire week is such a special week in history. It is the week our savior suffered, blead, and atoned for our sins. I hope you are all thinking about him this week, and who is he to you. To me he is everything. He is my brother, my best friend. Someone I can always count on. Because of him everything is possible! I challenge all of you to watch that video if you haven't already, and really think about who Christ is to you personally. And then I want you all to do something this week to bring you closer to him. You are all amazing and I am so grateful for the love and support I have felt since I have been on my mission. Hope you all have the best week ever! 
Love always,
Sister Babb
7404 Armstrong PlSan Diego CA 92111-4912United State

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