April 9, 2019


San Diego, Californua, United States


Sister Whitaker

just SWING it!

Hello! Wow 3 weeks here in La Jolla! So sad cause Sister Whitaker leaves in less then 3 weeks. That is going to be so hard for me. She has really been the best companion and trainer I could have asked for, and now I have to say goodbye and on top of that take over the area. Which is terrifying cause I have not been here very long, but it is all good. Just gotta "Swing it." (Ill explain later) 
 last P-day was literally so fun! We all went Roller skating as a zone. Everyone was terrible but it was so fun. I did limbo vs all the little tiny kids and got 6th place so I felt pretty cool haha. We haven't had a ton of lessons this week because people are still on spring break, but we set up a ton of member visits which is awesome because almost all our referrals come from them. We were suppose to have an appointment with a girl name Sarah on Thursday, but something really cool happened. As we were walking out our apartment to go visit her Sister Whitaker and I both had an impression to text our friend Tim. He texted back immediately and said he had just gotten broken up with and was having a super hard time. We knocked on Sarah's door after reading the text and she was stuck at work for some reason so they had to reschedule. Right then Tim asked if we could come see him. May seem silly, but i believe it was divine design. Tim really needed us that night, so the lord sent us his way. We went and visited Tim and gave him a message about peace and hope. Tim after the message mentioned wanting to become worthy to go in the temple. This is so big! Tim is a returning remember and after the breakup and us coming to visit realized the peace and joy the gospel really brings him, and even though he is gay he wants that joy and happiness always, even if it means giving up something so dear to him. This was such a cool experience for me. We never pushed anything on Tim. But in time he came to realize what he wanted and knew he had to sacrifice something in order to feel the the pure joy of the gospel he had started to feel. That is what we are here to do! We don't force the gospel on anyone or try to convince anyone. We simply are here to share a message of Christ and how we can feel joy and peace in our lives. Some people reject it and that is ok, because it is not the right time for them. But eventually their time will come and they will be open to hearing our message.
sister Whitaker and I have been reading this story called the "Riccartti letter" and it has changed the way I view everything about a mission. An Elder told a story about a time he went golfing with his dad who was teaching him. His dad was teaching him how to swing the ball properly so the ball will go right where you want it. He was trying so hard to have the right form, but was getting so frustrated that he could not hit the ball and he was not enjoying it at all. His dad stopped him and looked at him and said to him just Swing! If you just swing it and not worry about where the ball goes, you will enjoy it so much more! He related it to missionary work. If you just go out and "Swing it" and not worry about what people are going to say, or who is going to reject you, you will enjoy your mission so much more! That is what I have learned to do! I may be terrified to talk to someone on the street or worry about what I am going to say, but I am here to serve the lord the best I can, so i just got to Swing it!
I had my first exchange this week which was interesting. The STL didnt want to work very hard so it was challenging for me. But I got to take over the area for the day so it was super cool! We did tabling st the college where basically we stand at a table next to different fraternities and sororities and acapella groups and try and tell people aboug the hook of mormon. Judt think pitch perfect. As you can imagine being in the heart if la Jolla in the middle of UCSD campus next to these groups we have lots of success. Really fun though, kinda funny cause peoplewill be walking along looking stthe booths and see our name tags and the book of mormon and litteraly either put their head down and ignore us, or run. Just how people are Hahatheysee the tag and they will cross the street or slam a door. It's ok just gotta keep on swinging it!
 conference weekend! It was so amazing. I  loved conference before my mission but I love it so much more now that I am here. I don't know about anyone else but when you are sitting on the couch in your pajamas with a phone in hand and in the comfort of your home, sometimes can make it hard to focus and pay attention (sometimes stay awake.) But here on the mission It was just so easy to watch. I listened to every words, wrote down so many amazing thoughts and quotes, and I really took in the what Prophets and Apostles and other speakers said. A theme I saw during this conference that I really loved what the importance of families, and having the gospel in each of our homes. I love when Henry B. Eyring talked about how with love, prayer, and faith in Christ we can come so much closer to our families. When we do that and we really strive to make our home a "Christ Centered Home" we will be so blessed, and our families will be so much happier and closer. Bednar talked about the home being the primary unit for teaching and learning. Everything outside the home (church) is the secondary unit. The best mtc prep, temple prep, any prep really is in the home. We need to study with out families, and really learn from each other, and from ourselves. The teachers at church and seminary and everything else can teach you all they want and tell you that the things they said are true, but when it comes down to it WE need to learn for ourselves! So my challenge this week if you aren't already is to make your home a Christ centered home. Study with your families, your roommates or whoever you live with. Discuss the Come Follow Me and listen to each others testimonies. Talk about the temple and missionary work and as you do that I know your desire to do those things will increase. I know that by doing this you and your families will come so much closer to Christ and you will be blessed beyond belief and your desire to serve and do good will increase. I hope you all have the best week EVER. Love you all!

Love always,
-Sister Babb
Ps. Today we went to a tramp park which was fun and got to see the replica of Moses's tabernacle. If you dont know what that is I challenge you to read the bible. Or just look it up.
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