April 2, 2019


San Diego, Californua, United States


Sister Whitaker

La Jolla week 2

Hello everyone!
Another amazing week here in La Jolla! Man crazy to me how time fly's! This week went by so fast, and so slow all at the same time. A mission is weird in that way. I feel like I have been here for ever but at the same time it has already been over a month. Like what? So weird to me! Anyways I love La Jolla so much. This place is really starting to feel like home. The member's were especially great this week, really made me feel at home. Not gonna lie this week was a little harder for me. I really felt home sick for the first time, and we had a couple people's doors we knocked on and lessons that I don't know... just really made me feel super inadequate I guess, and to top it off I got a stomach but as sister Whitaker would say. But guys let me tell ya, Heavenly father answers our prayers. And he answered so many of my prayers this week, and got me through. 
Ok first off I am a dingbat. So in the MTC a sister taught me like a sentence in sign language. She taught me how to say "Hi, I am Sister Babb, and you are the worst." I know a great sentence to say to people. So our Zone leaders are ASL, so me thinking I'm the coolest, the first day I met them, looked at them at proceeded to sign that sentence. Well they all looked at me with big eyes after and so much confusion and kinda disgust. I asked what I said and they said I told them "Hi, I am sister Babb, and I got knocked up this week." SO BASICALLY I AM THE WORST and made a fool of my self the first time I met the zone leaders. Lucky for me they all are amazing and just laughed about it. I know that they will never ever let that go now, because every time I see them they sign that to me. Also yesterday my life was made when me and Sister Whitaker were walking down the street of La Jolla and there was a walker chained to a railing, just like a bike would be. I was crying it was so funny, and the best part the chain was hooked on the end of the rail where you can easily slip the chain off. Maybe that doesn't make sense reading it but of my word it was so funny. Me and sister Whitaker have a lot of fun. She is the best Mom (trainer) i could have asked for here on the mission. We had a couple door slams, and people yell asking how we got their address, also a man told us we were barking up the wrong tree and to never come back. So ya that was awesome. 
Last Tuesday was so fun! We went to La Jolla cove as a zone and saw the seals and got ice cream, then after went and played volleyball. It was really such a fun day! Thursday and Friday sucked. I was throwing up all day both days. I think I had 24 hour stomach flu or something, and it was seriously the worst. I was just laying there miserable wishing I could go out and feeling so bad that my companion had to stay in and do nothing all day. Everyone is so amazing here though. My companion really took care of me, and the elders in our zone are amazing as well. One set came over and brought me Sprite and gave me a blessing, and another set brought me chicken noodle soup from chic-file. Im really blessed to have all these amazing people around me. I felt so much better friday night so we went out for a bit. Saturday we went to the hospital to visit a guy named Collin. Collin's uncle lives in Carlsbad and got in touch with us and told us Collin's story and asked us to go visit him. Collin is from Long Beach and was serving a mission In Brazil. He was out 17 months when his skin started to turn yellow. They went to the hospital and figured something was wrong with his kidney and it was serious enough that he had to go home immediately. Collin was sent straight from Brazil to the hospital at UCSD. I want to just ask everyone to keep Collin in your prayers. They don't know quite whats wrong with him, and they are waiting for a transplant to happen. He is such an amazing guy so we are trying to visit him every week and leave him with a message.
Sunday was Probably the best day I have had on my mission so far. I was reading in my scriptures in the morning and the answer to some questions I had were right there. After reading I had the most overwhelming feeling of love and peace. I knew that the homesickness, the illness, the doubt and feelings I had were temporary. Everything was going to be ok. I looked at my companion after that and I told her how much I love the scriptures, how much I love being here, and how much I love this Gospel. She just looked at me and smiled, and said "It's amazing isn't it." The rest of the day was incredible. All the meeting went so well, and I continued to feel that love and peace all day. Later in the day we had dinner at a family in the ward named the Gary's. They have three cute girls that are 15,13, and 9. That family made me feel so at home. We just talked and laughed and ate dinner, and then shared a special message for Easter. We asked them all to share who Christ was to them. That was kind of our theme this week on what we taught with members. The spirit was so strong sister Whitaker and I both kinda teared up. We ended by taking pictures and giving hugs. We were walking to the car and sister Whitaker lost it. She started balling and threw her self in my arms, and looked at me. She said "this is what its all about sister Babb. This is why I love being a missionary, for moments like those." We both just sat in silence the rest of the way home as we drove along the coast. The sunset was beautiful that night. In that moment I realized why I am here. I realized how amazing missions are, how much I have learned already, and how much I love this Gospel. This entire day was exactly what I needed. Guys, Heavenly father sees and knows EVERY single one of us. He knows our needs, and if we hold on with faith he WILL and CAN bless you so so much, and he will perform miracles. I know I could not do this mission without him. I love this Gospel with my whole heart, I love being here, and I love my Savior Jesus Christ. To me, he is everything. He is my best friend. My challenge for the week is the same challenge we have extended all week. Ask your self, who is Christ to you? I want you all to really think about that. And then I want you all to share that with someone. A friend, a family member, a stranger. Anyone. And then I want you to look up the video "He Lives" in the gospel media. I love you all so much, I can feel your prayers so I thank you all for that. Hope everyone has the best week!
love always, 
-Sister Babb
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