March 26, 2019


La Jolla


Sister Whitaker

San Diego Week 1

Hey all!
San Diego is absolutely amazing! I got here Tuesday afternoon and right away got my companion and was in my apartment that night. So weird how fast it all happened. Her name is sister Whitaker and shes from  Syracuse Utah! Man let me tell ya the lord is looking out for me cause I got two amazing companions my first month and I got out in the best area first. We are in La Jolla which is the Hollywood of San Diego. President Stubbs said every missionary wants to serve here so I should feel blessed, and boy I do. Its absolutely gorgeous here. Were right on the beach, couldn't get much better then that! So training takes 12 weeks usually which is 2 transfers. But sister Whitaker leaves after this transfer which means I have to be trained in 6 weeks, and I have to take the area over and learn everything in this transfer. So we are working super hard trying get me familiar with the area and people. Not even stressed haha.
The people here are both amazing and the worst, but I've grown to love them all so it's all good. The members are amazing, everyone else is just very very rich and to them selves. Lots of door slamms. We try and be friendly but once people see the name tag... game over for us. Half the homes here are gated so we can't even get in to knock on a lot of their doors. Most our success comes from member reffurals. So everyone member missionary work is so so important! 
So my first week here we had a Baptism! Her name is Holly and shes in the YSA. Shes so stinken cute and I admire her so much. Her family disowned her for being baptized so she had no family at the baptism. It was amazing to see the support of the YSA. They call them selves one big family, and they really are. They do everything together here. And for holly on such a big day, they were her family. It was a cool experience. 
We have been meeting with this guy named tim and hes the absolute best. Hes a member that is coming back. So hes polynesian and also very openly Gay. And he is the best. He fed us Brunch the other day and I had to gag it all down. It wasn't food...but he is awesome his testimony is getting stronger and he shows up to all of the events so were so happy about that. I've gotten close to a lot of the YSA people in the last week and it's amazing to here everyone's different stories and testimonies. Also the granddaughter of the founder of McDonalds is in our area and her husband is a member so we went to visit them yesturday. Also Mitt Romney is in our family ward so he comes every once in a while, and Manti Teo the NFL player is in our YSA ward so I met him and he comes to all the activities. So yeah some fun facts Haha. 
Anyways I love my mission so much! So different from the MTC but just as amazing! In a lesson we taught we talked about baptism and the sacrament. I gave this example. When we are baptized we dont just say we will do it and get baptized the very next day. We have to prepare our selves. The same goes for the sacrament, since the sacremnt is renewing our baptismal covenants. We can't just show up Sunday and take it. We have to prepare ourselves all week to partake of the sacrament, and really think about the meaning of it. 
So this weeks challenge is for everyone to do that. Think about the sacrament all week, and what it means for you. Dont show up unprepared. Well I love you all so much. I can feel all your prayers. The mission is not easy so the prayers are appreciated. Couldn't do this without all the support and especially without my heavenly father. Love you all so much! Have the best week!
Love always,
-Sister Babb

7404 Armstrong PlSan Diego CA 92111-4912United States

1. Entrence to the biggest house I've ever seen. I mean look at the gate. 2. Wow3. Sunset and dramatic pictures for the win4. Sister Whitaker, and holly at her baptism5. Mormon battalion day with sister Whitaker


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