March 5, 2019

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Hello all! Well I have made it here in the MTC. Been about a week now! And to my surprise,and many of you, I am absolutely loving it! I was so worried about being miserable here from hearing from others experiences. But it has honestly been such an amazing experience so far.    My companion is the literal best. Her name is Sister Mathis and she is a big part of why this week has been so good. She is probably the funniest person I have ever met. All we do is laugh about the dumbest things and try and make the most of everything, and man we have made this so fun (and spiritual). She is from Leeds UT, which is right by St. George. The girls from our district have become some of my best friends in just a few days. There is Sister Mathis and I, and then a trio with Sister Houtz, Sister Fox, and Sister Christensen. From the moment we all met we were instant friends, and it has honestly been the biggest blessing for me. They make it feel like home. And are also some of the biggest dorks I've ever met, But I love them all so much. Our district is filled mostly with all San Diego Missions. Four elders, and then us 5 sisters. The trio is going to Reno Nevada. 
The first few days here were the longest days of my life. Not even kidding the days dragged on, and by the end we were all so exhausted but had so much to do we didn't get to bed till almost 11 both nights. Let me tell ya, I have had the biggest struggle. And that may not come as a surprise to many haha. So First I lost my name tag within the first 10 hours of arriving at the MTC. Smooth I know. Second my comp and I somehow ended up on the Restricted floor for missionaries and got yelled at, and then lost my name tag a second time. Last night I stayed up all night cleaning up my roommates throw up that was splattered all of the walls of the bathroom (very sorry for those with light stomachs) it was really something and feels great to sleep for 4 hours. To top it all off, I turned half of all my under clothing pink. YES PINK. And when I say pink, I mean like bright florescent pink. But I took my brothers advice and Literally have laughed everything off. The only thing I have struggled with so far is the food. I live off of chocolate milk and chocolate creamys. So basically if anyone feels like sending me some snacks like maybe chips or cadbury eggs or like mmm I don't know ANYTHING, it would be highly appreciated. 
After Thursday and getting through all the orientation we finally started our regular schedule which was amazing because the days started going by so much faster. Our days go something like this. We wake up, eat, go to class for 3 hours, eat, go to class for 3 more hours, guess what... EAT AGAIN, then we have personal and companion study then go to bed. It changes every so often but that's about it. The MTC is actually so cool people. I have always struggled sitting down in a class for a long period of time, but since I have been here it has not bothered me. It is basically church all day, and I LOVE it. I have already learned more about the Gospel in the last 6 days of being here then I have my entire life. The spirit is so so strong, and its so cool to look around and think that everyone around you is endowed and just there to share gods work. I have seen so many familiar faces while being here, and made so many new friends as well. The first day here I ran into Sister Nyland who I've played soccer with the last couple years. Literally been a blessing to see her every day and just talk. I also ran into Elder Young (Max) the first day. His companion and sister Mathis and I all play volleyball and basketball together as well as a bunch of other really cool Elders and Sisters which has been so fun. Not going to lie, basketball and volleyball with the zones has saved me. I look forward to it every day. I also ran into Elder Conrad, Elder Meldrum and Sister Reese, Sister Bueno, and Sister Schmidt. So many others I have seen, its so funny how many friends I have here and I had no clue. 
Saturday was actually a tougher day for me. My niece was getting baptized that day so I couldn't stop thinking about it. And even better at lunch an Elder made me cry. We were eating lunch and he started bashing on me because I said I loved the Jazz. He thinks they are an awful team, so me being the fan that I am went on with my argument on why they are not a terrible team and how they have so much potential. This Elder Went on the talk more trash and say how I am so weird because of this and how Utah has messed my mind up. I walked away and literally started balling, not sure if this was just my emotions all over the place from being away from home and missing the Baptism, or just really upset that he talked bad about my beloved Utah Jazz. Either way it has been my only break down so far so haha. It was so nice though because that same day I ran in the Brother and Sister Cloward who were my brother Colton's mission presidents in Madagascar. They saw  me and ran to me and both gave me big hugs. Against the rules but it was a fatherly hug so it was OK, and it was much needed. 
Ok Sunday was the coolest day. It was literally all day church, but I have not felt the spirit that strong ever. It was fast Sunday so we had testimony meeting with our zone, and the spirit was so strong in the room, literally everyone was crying. We had the special opportunity to have the MTC president and his wife in our meetings so we got to talk with them and hear from them on a much more personal level which is super rare in the MTC to have. Later in the day our whole zone went to choir, and it was one of the coolest experiences I have ever had. The conductor teaches at UVU and the way he teaches is so cool. He will teach you parts of the music, and then stop and tell you a story. One of the stories he told was how coincidence does not exist, and everything happens for a reason. It's so true guys, and i have realized that every day as I have been here. The companionship, the districts, the zones, they were all made for a reason. Sunday night Brad Wilcox did a devotional. I almost cried when I heard he was doing it because just before I came on the mission I read his book "The continuous Atonement."  and that book has changed me. If you haven't read it I really recommend everyone goes and reads it right now. Because it will change your life. 
Overall this has been such an amazing week, and I am so beyond grateful to be here. As elder Jean-Noel from our district (Jean-Val-Jean as we say) says "Don't count the days, make the days count." That has become my motto here. Every day I wake up and think how can I be a better missionary then I was yesterday, and how can I help somebody to understand their purpose. There are so many amazing experiences and funny things that have happened I wish I had enough time to tell everyone about it. Just know how happy I am, and how happy this gospel makes me, and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world right not. I love you all and miss you all. Thanks for all your prayers and emails, means so much to me. My P days are every Tuesday for my entire mission, you can send me emails whenever you want, I will only reply on Tuesday. 
Love you all so much
Love,-Sister Babb
Sister Kaitlyn BabbMar19 CA-SD2005 N 900 E Unit 107Provo UT 84602

Pictures1. The Elduhzzzz2.Me and sister Mathis3. Our amazing zone4.The daily creamy5. The Sistuhhzzz6.Elder Conrad7.Elder Meldrum8.Sister Nyland
9.Elder Jean-Noel (Jean-Val-Jean)

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