July 3, 2017


Feliciano, Entre Rios, Argentina


Hermana Ceron

Happy July 9th!!


Heyy Happy 4th of July tomorrow, I hope you all have a super fun day! Argentinas independence day is this Sunday July 9th, so I will be celebrating then, my comp has been teaching me their national anthem and everything. "LIBERTAD, LIBERTAD!! Juremos con gloria a morir" hahaha yay Argentina.

Hey remember our week of miracles that we had last week? Well....Satan knew that our area was on an uphill track and he didnt like that so he worked hard...and I mean real hard on putting us on the downhill track. Its true that in all things there is an opposition (2 Nefi 2:11). My comp and I and our investigators learned lots about that this week! Im way too lazy to write everything that happened so here are just a couple of things that happened:

-Satan worked real good on Rosita this week! Lots of things happened and in the end she decided that for right now she still doesnt want to get baptized. This was super hard for us because we knew taht she was ready.. like super ready haha. We are going to drop visiting her for a bit and then see what happens.

-Remember Ezequiel and hwo he basically stopped smoking? So on Saturday eh left to hangout with his friends and they all wante4d to smoke with him but he said no so they basically kicked him out..that happened in 3 different houses of his "friends". So he was just walking around kind of sad and randomly met some kids on the street that invited him to hangout with them. He gave in and that ended in him going to a bar and getting pretty drunk haha. When we went to visit him last night he told us about his night and was SO sad and felt so bad. He just kept saying " I dont know why I gave in I was so close to my baptism". We talked about the repentance and he asked us to help him lots this week to get back on his feet. You bet your bottoms dollar we are going tob e right there helping him with anything this week!

-But ...HEY we had 49 people in the church yesterday. That is the most we have had in a good while. Two of our recent converts friends that we have been inviting to the church for a long time FINALLY went, and they really liked it! Whoooooo hoooooo!!

Hermana Ceron and I were talking last night and we really are so grateful for the trials and moments like this that we have to pass. We are learning and growing so much through these moments. Even after a kind of hard week we are still super happy and excited for the work we have here in Feliciano! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!!!

I hope you all have a super duper week! LES QUIERO MUCHO MUCHO MUCHO!!!

xoxo, Hermana Beck


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