March 18, 2019


Fort Worth Texas


Sis. Simmons

Week 7!

I hope you all have had a great week and enjoyed spring break!! It was nice to be able to catch people home during the day for once because it was spring break!!
This week has been amazing! As the weeks go on, our work load seems to build more and more. I've been able to see small miracles happening daily. One really big one I want to talk about happened the other day, we were in our apartment lobby getting wifi and this guy walks up to us. He told us he’s seen us around and asked if we were missionaries. He than continued on and asked us to come by and teach his family about Jesus!!!!! So crazy. We are meeting with him and his family tonight so I'll update y'all next Monday on where things go with that!
I had my first exchange this week and was companions with sister Shipley. It was so fun and refreshing to learn and just be surrounded by new things. Also they have Andy's and Canes there so you already know that I had to hit those up. 😋 I'll attach a pic for y'all.

I am almost done reading the Book of Mormon, since I left 7 weeks ago. I'm in 2 Nephi. (I have been reading it backwards by books. Which is an experience let me tell you!) And I just want to bear my testiomy that it is true! There is so much power in it! It is truly the word of God and has been preserved throughout time for our generation. There is knowledge and wisdom on every page. READ IT. Talk with me about your experiences you have had, or questions. Every page brings peace. The book will answer your questions.
The word is true
The book is blue
The church is true
This is one verse that has stuck out to me.
3 nephi 22:10
"For the mountains shall depart and the hills be removed, but my kindness shall not depart from thee, neither shall the covenant of my peace be removed, saith the Lord that have mercy on me."
I love that so much because the world is always changing and it's a crazy place. People change, jobs, friends,.. but the one thing that will never change is our Savior’s love for us. It’s overwhelming. He is kind and merciful. He will bring peace and happiness to all.

Theres a ton of good ones. Go find some for yourself ;))
Alright I love you all so much! Happy late St. Patrick's day 💚

Sister McMahon ♡


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