March 11, 2019


Fort Worth Texas


Sis. Simmons

Week 6

Another week has flown by, the work is extremely busy here in Texas. The hardest part is tying to catch people home, everyone is constantly out.
We rode our bikes finally! The weather in Texas continues to be unpredictable. One day its freezing, the next its 80, and now its hailing. It's true that if you dont like the weather in Texas then just wait a few hours!
This week I have been able to see the hand of God on multiple occasions, as he has been preparing the hearts of those who we have met this week. They have been prepared for our message so that we can help bring them closer to Christ.
Our Heavenly Father is full of mercy and grace. His love is overwhelming and everlasting. I know that all of you can feel and learn this for yourself through fervent prayer and diligent scripture study's.
We started teaching this girl Hailey and she’s going to get baptized! That was so exciting, to get my first person on date for baptism!!
The work is hard but so worth it to be able to bring to pass the Lords work and bring the light of the gospel to many lives!
"Remember the worth of souls is great" (d&c 88)
My goal is to try and see everyone the way our Heavenly father does. We are all his children and everyone one of us is great!
I love yall
Have a great week

-sister McMahon ♡


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