February 16, 2019


Provo MTC


Sis. Thorpe

Week 3

Last week in the MTC, I leave for Texas on tuesday! It's been an eventful week, up to the exciting change made yesterday with now being allowed to call, text, and videochat on all P-days!
Sunday we met our district president, Brother Samulean. What an amazing man, wow hes so filled with the spirit. He has helped my testimony grow so much, and for me to feel of the spirit.
This weeks devo, brother Soares from the 12 spoke on obedience and blessings from the mission. He left us a blessing that if we are obedient than we may have the power and courage to rely on the spirit rather than our own works and talents.
My companion and I started listening to a conference talk every day and this has helped me feel the spirit so much more. "Try, try, try" by Elder Erying was really good. I recommend for you all to listen to that again! If you have a favorite talk PLEASE SHARE IT WITH ME! My companion and I would love to listen to it.
During some of my personal study I have been studying missionary work and being a whitness of Christ. I encourage you all to watch this video and try and find ways to share truth through social media and conversation
I feel so blessed to be able to serve and hasten the work of the Lord. Everyday I become more converted unto the Lord and can feel his hand in my life.
I love you all, so much. Each of you has played a role in my life to get me where I am and I couldn't be more grateful.

I am so greatful for the gospel and to have the knowledge of the truth in my life, has blessed me in so many ways than I could ever explain and has brought me so much happiness! To bring one soul unto Christ will be a blessing and an experience I will cherish forever.

Also MY EMAIL CHANGED. I still get ones sent to my old account they just take longer to deliver. My new one is

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