February 9, 2019


Provo MTC


Sis. Thorpe

Week 2!!

Hello everyone!
What an amazing week it has been at the MTC filled with the spirit and so much growth and learning.
I joined the choir and it was so amazing, we sang "hoorah for Israel" at the Devo on Tuesday. It was an experience I will never forget. The days are now beginning to fly by. I think my favorite part of the days is when my friends and I get together and study the book of mormon (sister vanderwheel, blazzard, -there going to Tuscon AZ! and Thorpe) we have such spiritual experiences, discussing the truth we learn and how we can apply it To today. I can't even explain how many times my mind has been blown! I have never felt such power from the scriptures. I can testify that they are true and we can all grow and learn when we feast upon the words of christ.
My companion and I grow closer every day and are seriously the same person and best friends. She has been such a support through trials that I've faced this week. She's a blessing from God and I don't know how I could have gotten through this week without her.

It is freezing here in Utah. Makes me so happy that sisters can wear pants. Like wow that's a blessing and I'm excited and blessed to be serving in TEXAS so I don't have to worry about freezing!!!

We do something called RTC (*recourse training center) at the MTC and this is when we teach people that come to the MTC the lessons. I LOVE THIS. Sister Thorpe and i work so well and we can really work with the spirit. It makes me so excited to get to go out and begin doing the work. We taught this girl Ellen about how she can feel Gods love and about the restoration. And the spirit just took over the lesson, it's true how we are the lords mouth.

Everyday I can feel the spirit , and am able to learn so much about myself and this gospel. But I'm grateful I don't have to spend 9 weeks here because the food makes me sick Haha! But The MTC is honestly the second best place on the earth next to the temple.

I love hearing from all of you it makes me so happy!
My next Weekley email I'll be getting ready to leave to Texas!

Love Sis McMahon


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