August 3, 2021


Alpine Ward


Mary Ricks

The Flood Gates of Blessings from Heaven


When it rains, it pours.  Literally and figuratively this past week I have felt the spirit in such abundance, and yes...I have been SOAKED haha!

Our area is so big that in an effort to conserve miles, we planned to visit all the members on the outskirts in one day so that we would only make the trip once.  As we drove towards the clouds we were slightly worried for our two outdoor lessons!  Our first one with a sweet member we had out in her front yard under a table umbrella, and we had not been talking for 5 minutes before it started to sprinkle.  After she assured us we won't melt and she was comfortable, we continued even when it rained harder and finally when the thunder claps were too loud for us to speak over, we ended our message there and sprinted to the car!  I rung out my dress best I could but needless to say that didn't do much to dry me off.  After it let up we drove to a nearby park (where the sun was shining and not a drop had landed...go figure) to teach our friend John!  We taught him the restoration and he was emotional as he listened to our message.  He seems like he really wants to progress and we are hopeful for him!

We also had several lessons with Jose since my last email!  He has met with the missionaries for awhile now and due to COVID he lost contact with the missionaries.  We have started to teach him and he is progressing beautifully!  He loved the restoration and Plan of Salvation, and is super excited to know that the Priesthood has been restored to the Earth.  

With both our friends John and Jose I have been able to see how the Lord prepared them to hear our message, and I have felt the spirit guide our lessons to be perfectly tailored to their needs.  I love the Lord and am so grateful He has chosen to include me in His work.

Les quiero!  Cuídese!

Hermana Bailey 

1. Life is good hot chocolate
2. McDonald's has got our back haha!


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