July 20, 2021


Alpine Ward


Sarah Warren and Mary Ricks

Time flys when you're having fun....

Hola everyone!

I am having such a hard time believing it has been a week already!  It seems like time is speeding up, and pday is coming more and more often haha!  I hope you all are safe and staying cool over there!

This week has been filled with many miracles and tender mercies that I think sometimes we forget to notice or write down!  The two primary things we have been working towards this past week is 1 meeting members, and 2 finding new people to teach!  The amazing thing is we have been able to have time to do both!

I know I enjoyed talking to people before my mission, but it seems like now more than ever I want to talk to everyone!  I love that here in a smaller town, everyone will talk to you, and even if they don't want your message, they will give you referrals!  

The members of this ward are absolutely amazing, and are so close like a family.  I love their enthusiasm for missionary work, and almost everyone wants to know what/how we are doing, and how they can help.  I sure love this Gospel and how it brings people together in unlikely ways!

I sure love all of you, and hope you have a fantastic week!

Hermana Bailey

1. Cute sunset!
2. Member at the temple PRANKED us and pretended to not know what a temple was...we started to teach him when he pulled out a temple recommend and laughed hahaha!
3. Us at the temple


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