June 1, 2021


San Ysidro Ward


Carmen Bautista and Taryn Wilson

Fears forgotten; friends found


I am so excited for this chance I have to write you about my week here in sunny CA...I feel like this week is has been such a breath of fresh air!  I hope you have been able to feel the same with the beginning of summer!

I stretched in so many new ways this past week, and found that I am more flexible than I ever realized!  Obispo Monje (Bishop) asked the Elders and I to talk in sacrament meeting about missionary work this Sunday!  Then he mentioned he would love a musical number as well haha!  I decided on Saturday I did not want to write out my talk, but instead use bullet points so it sounded more the time Sacrament meeting started I was sure I should have written more!  I did my best to stay calm and remember that I had prayed for the Lords help, and as His missionary I can do all things with His support.  As I got up to talk I was sure the mic would be able to pick up my pounding heart!  I was about halfway through my talk when I realized I was not nervous!  My heart had stopped pounding (I don't know when) and I was not searching for the words I wanted to say in Spanish!  I know that this was a definite blessing from the Lord because I could not have done it without Him!  Then when it came time for the musical number, I again forgot to be nervous and sang in front of so many people!  

I am absolutely loving trio life!!  It honestly feels like a sleepover every night... There is always something to talk about!  Hermana Wilson was supposed to leave for the Dominican Republic this past Thursday, but because of VISA problems, she will be with us for another two weeks!! It is hard to know what to say, I love having her as a companion, but I also am excited for her and the experiences she will have in the DR!  I am so grateful for my companions and the new friends I have found in them, we make a great, goofy, hardworking team!

I know some of you have asked how you can get in touch with me, you can always respond to these emails, the responses come directly to my inbox, or you can also reach me at!  Or if you would prefer mail physical mail, the address to the mission office here is:
4195 Camino del Rio South Suite 101
San Diego, CA 92108

With transfers and missionaries moving, President has asked that we send mail here, and it will be distributed to us weekly!

As Sister Giménez always says, "Have a finding week!" I hope that you will have chances this week to find new friends or talents as you forget your fears and trust in the Savior, He always has your back!

Hermana Bailey

1. Trio selfie!  Me, Hna Bautista, Hna Wilson
2. Failed hair flip pic haha
3. San Ysidro squad at the Mormon Batallion!
4. Hna Bautistas 1 yr celebration!!  (Notice the matching shoes??)


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