May 11, 2021


San Ysidro Ward


Sidney Chidester

Skunks, mountains and progress

Hola a todos!

The time has come already for me to write another email!!  I hope you had a wonderful week and mothers day!

I feel like first I should give you an update on Raú, we did not invite him to be baptized, but all of your prayers did help!!!  We were able to have a wonderful lesson and (even with my somewhat limited Spanish), we were able to for the first time truly see his needs as a son of God.  So we were able to change our approach to teaching him and now we are on the right track!!  It was not the step we had initially hoped for, but it was the step the Lord needed us to take, so thank you so much for your prayers, they do make such a difference.

I also had my interview with President Giménez this week and let me tell you, I feel so blessed to be able to learn from him!  He asked us to come to this interview prepared to talk about our "mountain" that we need to climb in our mission, and after telling him mine, he talked about something (that I thought was) completely different!  At first I was surprised by this change of topic, but he knew what the Lord needed me to hear.  He taught me that our "mountains" are rarely just straight up.  They will have several different summits with valleys inbetween. The important thing is to look at the overall altitude difference, not just what we still have in front of us!  I loved that he taught this is not a pride thing, but we can look at what we have done (with the Lord's help) and feel joy at being a part of His work.

We also had the lovely opportunity to be faced by 3 skunks outside of our apartment this past approach was to leave them alone and quietly make it up the stairs, but my comp went for the scare them off by yelling approach.  Needless to say, her yelling at the skunks and my yelling for her to not startle them luckily deterred them from coming any closer and we made it to our apartment unharmed haha.

I hope you all have a wonderful skunk-free week!  Les quiero!

Hermana Bailey
1. p-day hike with my district 
2. driving our new car ;)
4. Fun trip to Coronado!


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