April 27, 2021


San Ysidro Ward


Sidney Chidester

Christlike waiting outside in the rain

Hola a todos!

I hope you all are happy and enjoying the cooler weather (if this storm reaches across the usually sunny Cali haha)!

This past week has been such a blur I am not sure where to start!  The first thing I wanted to talk about is our amazing friend Paulette.  She is the one who was baptized this past February and just taught Young Womens with her mom Anahy this sunday.  They were nervous about the lesson, so they invited us to help them plan, and after an hour or so on Saturday they were ready!  When Sunday morning came I was so excited and nervous for them!  I was more nervous than I would have been if I was teaching!  They did an amazing job and even though it was out of their comfort zone, their testimony propelled them forward and helped them overcome their fears!  

We had lots of lessons fall through this week...with COVID restrictions lightening up, our friends are making other plans... (the only bummer to COVID going away haha).  But on a similar note, I got my first vaccine yesterday!  I had actually requested the special service to have a "support person" come in with me so I wouldn't have to separate from Sister Chidester (who will be getting hers at home in a month)...but in their rush to get people through the line, they told her to wait outside the building!!  This would have been fine if it wasn't raining!  As I sat in the mandatory 15 minute observation room after my shot, I watched the rain pound harder on the window and felt soooo terrible!  I just imagined Sister Chidester shivering outside in her sweater without any canopy to escape the rain!  When I got out she was pretty wet...but had found a little bit of cover near the building.  She was such a trooper and didn't even complain about being wet or cold...but I definitely cranked up the heater in our car for her on the way home.

Now you might be reading this thinking, "alright Hermana Bailey, we get it.  Water, sky, shot...what's the point??"  And let me tell you, the Lord was telling the truth when He said, "all things are spiritual unto me" because when I was writing about this experience in my journal, the image in my head shifted from Hna Chidester in the rain to the painting of Christ outside the door.  How often do we leave Him waiting outside in the rain?  Or maybe do our busy schedules not allow room for Him to get into the door of our day?  Then when we do realize He is outside, and we let Him in, He doesn't complain or even take a second to dry off.  He immediately gets to work helping us become more pure, whole and complete.  How blessed are we to have an older brother like Him?

I just thought I might share that with you all.  I hope you have an amazing week and make time to let Christ in out of the rain daily.  As you invite Him in to stay, He can show you new summits you can't even imagine.  Have a wonderful week!  Les quiero!

Hermana Bailey

1. Hike with my district!
2. I offered to get Hermana Chidester hot chocolate to warm up...but she chose ice cream instead...COMPANIONSHIP MADE IN HEAVEN!!!
3. A super sweet lady at the store thanked us for our service with complimentary sweaters!


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