March 30, 2021


San Ysidro Ward


Allie Burrup

Fisher of (fisher)men

Where to start?  This past week has been so busy and rewarding!  We did a huge mission push to try to contact new people and I actually had the opportunity to meet a ton of cool people!  Actually, I found the most people who are willing to talk to strangers on "Fishing California" pages on Facebook!  So I guess that puts a different spin on "fishers of men" haha!

We had an awesome lesson with our friend Arthur who we typically only do bible studies with!  One miracle about this is before we left our apartment for the lesson we wrote our testimonies on a card just in case we gave him a Book of Mormon, and in my testimony I don't know why but I felt I should write the reference and page number to Moroni's promise for both English and Spanish books of Mormon!   He speaks English and Spanish fluently but we noticed he prefers reading Spanish.  We decided if we did give him a Book of Mormon that it would be Spanish.  I didn't know why I included the reference at all because when we did introduce the Book of Mormon we always show the promise.  Anyways, he absolutely LOVES the Bible, and actually started our lesson off by talking about how he is a honest seeker of truth...when he said this I felt so strongly he was ready!  So I pulled an English Book of Mormon of my bag (because we were talking in English) and before we had the opportunity to really testify about it or read a little bit with him he had to leave to help his grandkids!  We were able to quickly give him this card and he took the English Book of Mormon before he was off!  I know for a fact that while I wrote my testimony it may have seemed awkward, but God knew how this lesson would go and He knew that I needed to include both languages.  Now we are just hoping Arthur chooses to read and listen to the Spirit!

Also, could you all please keep our friend Yolanda in your prayers?  She was baptized many years ago, but her records seem to be missing.  So we are praying we can ask and understand more information from her to find those records.  I would sure appreciate any prayers you could send our way!

I know that Jesus Christ lives and directs His church.  I am so excited for this special opportunity we have to listen to His words through His prophets on His day.  I sure love all of you and hope you have a wonderful Easter!
-Hermana Bailey

1. LOVE the Old Town Cafe!
2. Count it all joy!  I laughed so hard at my silly little sign I made in spanish about people not answering our phone calls haha.


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